I know you’ve been asking yourself this. And you should be ashamed for using such foul language. No fucking couth I tell you. CRS stands for Can’t Remember Shit. It is fast becoming my greatest affliction. In fact, it has moved beyond worrisome to downright problematic.

When I was in HS I never had to study. I graduated as a member of the National Honor Society in the top 15% in my class. And I never studied. I had a photographic memory to the point where I could close my eyes during a test and see my notes as clear as if they were printed on the back of my eyelids. I still had this ability when I started college. But that’s when I met Mr. Coors and my downfall began.

Yes, I am living proof that alcohol does burn your brain cells. And no, they do not come back. I used to hear a phone number once and remember it for years. Now I have a work number, cell number and home number but I struggle to recall them when asked. The numbers of everyone I call are saved in my cell phone under contacts and if I were asked to give you any of their numbers without looking you would get little more than the chuckle provided by the blank look on my face.

It used to be only my short term memory that was affected. No more. This point is driven home to me every time my friends and I discuss romance novels which we do quite frequently. I have been reading romance novels for approximately 23 years. Most of them take up a great deal of room in my house. However, I cannot remember anything about them. Not the names of the characters, the premise of the story, the major conflict, not even the black moment that I’m sure is very memorable in all of them. Just not memorable enough for my three remaining brain cells to retain.

Now you know my affliction. Do you suffer with me? (Feel free to lie to make me feel better) Do you have a cure for CRS? I have my doubts I can ever be cured but you better believe I’m getting some Ginko ASAP. Now if I can only remember to take it…

13 thoughts on “WTF is CRS?”

  1. I’m with you on the book thing. I’ve told myself it’s because I read so much that I can’t possibly remember…but as soon as I read THE END, it really is the end. Even books that I love, love, love.

    Yet I remember hundreds of kids’ names, even when they don’t sign into the library very often. So I’m thinking my brain is much like swiss cheese.

  2. MsHellion says:

    *LOL* God, you’re a riot.

    And again, more proof we were separated at birth four years apart. Also in the top 15% of the class (I’m pretty sure; it was a small class…) and in NHS. Never studied. Took good notes–which is how I got through college.

    I hear pregnancy makes your memory go “poof!”–the subsequent result of pregnancy. It’s wonder a mother remembers her own name; it’s no wonder she never remembers her child’s until she’s listed off everyone else.

    I used to be able to remember names of students who came by the office, etc. It’s my stock in trade and impresses them to death. “You remember me! That’s so cool!”–great party trick. However, I’ve been admitting so many of them in the last couple years, I can’t even remember if they’ve been admitted, let alone WHO they are when they bother to come by the office.

    I rarely remember books, characters, plots, or black moments. Most of those I *do* recall are books I’ve read at least a dozen times–and when I read them, I was much younger and details stuck more firmly in my brain.

  3. terrio says:

    The crazy irony is that there is one thing I never forget. Lyrics to songs. A song from 1981 can come on the radio and I can sing along with every word. WTF?!? Exactly where in the brain is that stored and how can I delete it to make room for stuff like remembering to pick my child up at daycare.

    And I’ve only almost forgot twice. Never actually totally forgot. Yet…

  4. Terri, I wanted to stop by and say congratulations on the start of your new blog.

    Hellion, oh yes. Pregnancy blew my brains out and became a permanent affliction. 🙂

  5. santasmbslt says:

    I too have CRS. And it has gotten worse as the years go on. I am also living proof that pregnancy fries your brain. Sigh…what were we talking about?

    Books? Love them! Adore them! Read like a fiend and can’t remember a damn thing about them either. All those contests on author sites with excerpts as clues… I have trouble remembering what was in the excerpt when I click back to type in the answer. Yes, I’m sadder than dirt!

  6. I’ve yet to find a cure but I never hooked up with Mr.Coors, so have ZERO

  7. irisheyes says:

    Hey Terri – Congrats on the new blog!!!

    Yes I too am afflicted with CRS. I was very well known for my memory. Everyone in my family would come to me for pertinent facts about our childhood. Now I’m struggling to remember what I had for breakfast.

    I do remember books, characters, plots and so forth, but not for all of them. I keep a running list of the books I’ve read and I went through the list the other day and tried to remember plots and so forth and failed on about half.

    The things that escape me all the time are words. I’ll start talking and stop because I can’t remember the word I’m looking for. I sound like a complete moron. Especially when the word happens to be “school”, or “parking lot”, or “refrigerator”, or “recipe”! No shit – I was talking on the phone the other day and I completely blanked on recipe. I’m talking and started mumbling something like… you know the thing where you write the ingredients and instructions down that tells you how to cook. My sister thought I was losing my mind. I think she may be right.

    I agree that the pregnancy probably started it but being a mom and wife 24/7 is what is driving the nail in the coffin. I can’t be everyone’s Blackberry! There just isn’t enough room in my brain anymore to keep all that info.

  8. terrio says:

    Lookie see!!! I have comments. Thank you everyone for dropping in.

    Yes, pregnancy had a bit to do with it but I’m positive the memory loss started way before I had her so I can’t blame it all on her.

    Of course, I also had this extra fat before I had her but I’m blaming her for that anyway.

    Irish – I do that too. It’s horrible when I’m writing and I start typing but stop when I get to the word I had in mind just a moment ago but suddenly can’t remember for the life of me. And I think people are getting tired of me asking them a question one day and asking it again a few days later. I feel like such a moron.

  9. Sin says:

    I hear tequila is good for CRS. Or at least if you have a few shots you won’t give a shit if you have it or not… or won’t remember you have it. LOL

    Me, I have it bad. Seems if you work seven days in a row for three years, you lose some of your short term memory. Now, I can wake up on a Saturday and have a panic attack because I think I’m late to work (which I’m not) and I’ll wake up during the week and think I don’t have to be anywhere. I need a memory upgrade like a computer. I can get extra memory for my laptop, this should be an option for me as well.

  10. TiffinaC says:

    I agree with maggie…I read so much it’s not possible to pin point names, characterization…all I know is if I liked it.

    And pregnancy made me worse….and when that was done it was the breastfeeding sucking the braincells out of my body.

    Terri you have a full plate, you do so many different things, you would be a superhero if you could remember all the small things on top of this piddly shit.

  11. Zoie says:

    Interesting to know.

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Kathleen Sperl-Bell says:

    CRS is becoming a major issue at 73. If I don’t stay focused, get interrupted, it’s gone.

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