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Thanks to Terri for allowing me to invade her blog today. I’m Maureen O. Betita, author of the pirate series, Forever A Pirate. I started publishing my stories last year and after collecting a lot of advice, I have pushed my production level into warp speed, renamed the series, re-covered them…(is that a word?) and began my pirate invasion of the world. (Ambitious much?)

Why pirates? Well…why not? To be honest, I love pirates, I love writing about pirates, I love dressing up like a pirate and going to events… TMI? Hey, I live what I love. This is something I encourage everyone to do…no matter your mania.

1-2 blogsizeAs I said, mine is pirates. Following my bliss, I began writing about pirates a decade or so ago. And I never stopped. I specifically write about a pair of pirates. Captain Jake Reynard and Miranda. She didn’t begin life as a pirate, but fell to it with gusto after arriving in the Caribbean and meeting Jake. (He is very persuasive!)

Miranda is a time-traveling sexual witch. The rivers of space and time are hers to sail and she’s been traveling for several decades. Her magical abilities are powered by sex…good thing she found Jake! She’s friendly, a bit of a meddler and carries a burden of guilt that drives her toward self-sacrifice.

3-4 blogsizeAnd Jake? Dashing, clever, a born liar and leader. (To lie well is a badge of honor for pirates, nothing to be ashamed of.) He lives for the sea…and after he hauls Miranda from the waters, he finds living for her holds more than he ever considered his right.

Love, passion, and, of course, enemies that must be defeated… The world of Forever A Pirate is challenging, sensual, rewarding and constantly changing.

5-6 blogsizeI invite you to set sail on this adventure with Jake and Miranda. They will not disappoint! Each book follows the other. Thirty books and one couple… Begin with A Caribbean Spell!

Me? I’m on Facebook way too much, I’m exploring twitter and I enjoy interacting at conventions, pirate festivals, scifi/fantasy gatherings… And I’ve known Terri for several years, back when she was a bosun on the Romance Writers Revenge blog and I was a bartender…

So, my mania is pirates…what’s yours?

10 thoughts on “Writing With Passion – Special Guest Maureen O. Betita”

  1. Debbie Mccreary says:

    I like pirates,…I like highlanders….I like medieval knights…….I like rakes…….I like modern men who act as a hero… gosh I like men!!!! lol enjoyed being introduced to your writing Maureen Bettita. It is quite a venture to write so many books on one couple. I’ll have to keep reading them to see how it turns out. Thanks for coming today.

  2. Hellion says:

    LOVE THE COVERS!! This series rocks!!

    My mania…Harry Potter. *LOL* Pirates. British dramas. I like playing dress up so I’ll probably do just about any era. *LOL* So long as the shoes rock.

  3. Debbie…Wow, you about covered all of the heroes! Let’s see, did you miss any? Pirates, highlanders, knights, rakes, modern men… HA! No cowboys and no vampires. Hey, nothing wrong with knowing what you like and what you forget you like…

    Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoy the books…

  4. Hels! How’s one of my favorite pirates doing? And wizardite… What I find interesting about your comment is that you enjoy dress up shoes. I have to admit, that is the one thing that will frustrate me the most about costumes…the shoes. Difficult to find the right shoes… I even had problems with pirate boots!

    What sort of shoes do Potterheads wear when they costume? (Is that what they’re called?)

    Glad you love the covers…I just finished one for the first bundle…wow! I’m not that great with trying to design to dimension and making it look like it’s a boxed set? My eyes hurt!

  5. Loucinda McGary says:

    AVAST, me hearties!

    LOVE the new covers, Maureen! 30 books following one couple? Sounds good to me! How many “In Death…” books is JD Robb up to?

    My mania is travel and I do it as much as possible. But you knew that. 😉 Best of luck with the series!


    1. Yeah, Cindy and I love your cruise line mysteries…

      I guess you could say I really believe in true love…and marriages that last through struggles. Oops…I said nothing about a marriage. NOTHING!

  6. Terri says:

    I’m with Debbie. I like men! LOL! And I’m so impressed you did these covers on your own. They’re fabulous, as is the story inside of them. Huzzah!

    1. Sorry I’ve been such a spotty guest today, Terri. My at home internet has been throwing a hissy fit and I had to decamp to Starbucks… Where I had to eat some yogurt and drink a Frappaccino and then post new pirate pics to 10 people’s FB page for the Invasion and…

  7. Mona Kekstadt says:

    Hi Maureen,
    I love cowboys, vampires…I have read all of Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed Series…but I do love pirates..I fell in love with Captain Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp…
    30 books and one couple wow…that’s amazing and it’s really great…

    These are awesome covers …I will definitely check your books out,,,if your on FB then I’ll ok like your page…xo

    1. Oh, wow! Thanks Mona! Yeah, I’m all over Facebook. I’m in the midst of a Pirate Invasion at the moment. One. More. Day.

      Who knew it could be so exhausting!?

      I did like Johnny…I mean, who doesn’t? But the pirate who caught my eye? Hector. I mean, get him to a dentist and take a hand sander to his face and bam! You’d get Geoffrey Rush! Yummy!

      The covers… I got a head slap at a conference I was at…

      “Why aren’t there sexy male pirates on your sexy pirate romances?”

      “Because I’m an idiot at marketing…” I went home and started changing things… 😉

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