The Writer’s Compass: Plotting for the Directionally Challenged

Presented by Fran Colley and Terri Osburn

Course Description:

Basic plotting techniques for writers who think “plot” is a four-letter word. Whether you are just starting out in your story, or if like us, you find yourself marooned and cannot imagine there is any way to get back to port (i.e. the end of your book), have no fear. Finding your way to the “The End” of your novel is as easy as whipping out your compass and orientating yourself within your manuscript.

Find NORTH: characters and goals. Your characters and their goals are the most important aspects of the story. They are the story.

Find SOUTH: conflict and irony. Are your conflicts big enough to keep your characters and their goals in sharp focus? Have you injected a bit of irony in your conflict, making your characters do things they’d never do?

Find EAST: love and sexual tension. Love provides conflict for your Conflict since love is never convenient—and neither is sexual tension.

Find WEST: Happily Ever After. Finding a happy ending for your characters is the only cliché that never gets old.

So join us on a little elementary orienteering for your writing. It’s so much better than plotting!

Contact me if you’re interesting in offering this online workshop through your local chapter.

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