Where Did I Put That Freak Flag?

Don’t get too excited, this isn’t THAT kind of blog. A girls got to have some secrets. You want to know those, buy me dinner. This is a blog about finding that thing that makes you different. That something special that makes you stand out from the rest.

When I was young, my biggest fear was being normal. When I wasn’t the butt of jokes, I was totally invisible. The result of being a poor chubby girl in a school filled with well-off, beautiful kids. By high school, I was less invisible but only because I stuck out like a sore thumb. A safety pin in your ear, holes in your jeans, and skulls on your black t-shirts (worn on dress down days of course) were not the norm in a Catholic school in the 80s. At least not my Catholic school.

Maybe that’s why I ended up at an art college. The only thing I loved more than books was music. And since I can’t sing, dance, or play a musical instrument, working with music meant working behind the scenes. This was fine with me since I’ve always had a head for business. Mix music and business and you end up with a Music/Video Business degree from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

So I went from a high school where most everyone looked exactly the same and I stood out for being odd, to a college where a fellow student wore a kilt and a giant, multi-colored mohawk to our graduation ceremony. Now I stood out for not being odd enough. I couldn’t win.

Many years have gone by, and I know I should be more mature, happy just being me. I shouldn’t care anything about being different. But I do. I still hate the thought of being normal. And I’m still searching for that thing that makes me different. Only today I realized, that’s it. That’s what makes me stand out from the rest. My longing to be extraordinary.

I can live with that.

What about you? What makes you different? Here’s your chance to fly your freak flag. You know you wanna.

28 thoughts on “Where Did I Put That Freak Flag?”

  1. LOL, Terri. Miss Pearls and Twinset here, after a brief braless interlude in a batik dress years ago. I cannot control my overarching whitebreadness, at least as to how I look, but I’m deeply demented inside. I think that’s where my dementia should remain, unless it spills over onto the pages of a book. It’s always fun to surprise people who see me and expect total blonde boredom. Of course I can oblige, but it’s fun to surprise them. 🙂

  2. terrio says:

    Surprises are always good, Maggie. I know you have a fancy freak flag with a pretty painting on it. You just keep it hidden in that office of yours.

    Dementia on the page? If that’s what gives us those great stories, then by all mean, keep using it!

  3. J.K. Coi says:

    I gotta get me a freak flag. Trouble is, I don’t think I’m demented enough either. I am married with child, spend my days at the office and the soccer field. I’m not driving a minivan–yet, but the SUV’s a close second.

    For me, it’s always the writing that sets me apart from everyone else that I know.

  4. terrio says:

    J – Just say no to the minivan. I staunchly refuse to get one. The one fall Isabelle played soccer, I had fun calling myself a soccer mom. But the description doesn’t fit AT ALL. LOL!

    I’m pretty sure all those immortals running around in your head are toting your freak flag. Wave it proudly, girlfriend. I know we’re all proud of you!

  5. Di says:

    *uses freak flag to create a hat for herself*

    I am always optimistic and happy. That doesn’t sound like a freak flag kind of thing, but once you’re around me, you’ll realize that it is. I’m rarely upset and sad, and when I am, it never lasts longer than 24 hours. Oh and I’m a smartass. And I love having the people I’m around laughing.

  6. terrio says:

    Ah, there’s my little ball of sunshine. We need more freaks like you, Di. LOL! The world would be a much nicer place to be.

  7. MsHellion says:

    I love this title. *LOL*

    Were you watching Hope Floats when you made this discovery? *LOL*

    I have a lot of freak flags, for all my moods…currently my freak flag pole is flying the “I wanna pole dance”, so I’ve been looking at my Sheila Kelley’s DVDs.

    And Saturday I bought underwear with Flamingos.

  8. terrio says:

    It’s funny you ask that. I was watching something last week where the flying the freak flag thing was mentioned. I hadn’t heard that in forever and so it sparked this blog. But I can’t for the life of me remember what it was I was watching?

    I did watch parts of Hope Floats last week (LOVE that movie!), but I don’t think that’s where I got it. LOL!

    And you are the queen of the freak flag. That’s why I luff you. Just being friends with you makes me freaky too. 🙂

    Flamingos? Now I realize even my undies are vanilla.

    *makes note to buy freakier undies*

  9. fun blog…

    I’ve got many flags I can wave… I am just the oddball of most crowds. 🙂

  10. terrio says:

    Tiff – you’re flags are more entertaining because you pull off that innocent librarian so well. Then you open your mouth and the flag unfurls. LOL!

    I’m pretty sure I had a much smaller flag before I met you. So you can consider that one of your accomplishments. 😉

  11. I know… I was going to say I seem so sweet and innocent… till I open my mouth 🙂 I’m proud of my mouth, for oh so many reasons 😉

  12. terrio says:

    And the flag waves in the wind…


  13. MsHellion says:

    I meant the Hope Floats because Sandra Bullock’s character wants to be extraordinary, and what she learns is that being ordinary isn’t necessarily bad…or settling. It’s happy too…and happier in her case.

    Fly your freak flag is from The Family Stone (one of the only movies I think Luke Wilson is cute in.) “You have a freak flag. You just don’t fly it.” *LOL*

  14. terrio says:

    That’s it! I did watch that last week as well. Gah! That was driving me crazy.

    And that is one of the few times Luke Wilson has been charming IMO.

  15. MsHellion says:

    Yeah, that’s probably it. He’s not really a “charming” sort of guy. He’s the quiet type. I like him in the Legally Blonde movies too.

  16. terrio says:

    I’ve never watched the Legally Blond movies so I always forget he was in there. I have watched the musical verson on MTV and loved that one. Apparently, if you put song in with the silly stuff, I’ll watch. LOL!

  17. Diana says:

    Oooohhh…Legally Blonde, I wanna see the musical version, but only on TV. $100 seems a bit much to waste on a ticket for a seat for a not-that-great musical.

  18. terrio says:

    I really liked the musical version but not enough to pay $100. Seeing it on the little screen was plenty.

  19. irisheyes says:

    I’m afraid I’m kind of boring. Probably blogging on the WWW with people I’ve never actually met (with the exception of a few back in April) would be my step out of the ordinary. I come from a pretty staid, boring whitebread background also.

    I’ve been continually rebelling in very minute ways for years… all brought about by my association with my DH. He’s been very liberating! It started out with a red Honda Prelude (my family only bought American!) over 16 years ago and the rest, as they say, is history – cross country motorcycle trips, colored underwear, sexy lingerie, two piece bathing suits, moving to the suburbs… who knows where the craziness will end! LOL

  20. terrio says:

    Baby steps, Irish. Sounds like you’ve gotten lots of freak from the fellow there. I’m jealous of the cross country motorcycle trip. I would love that. And I’m with you on the buying American cars. I’ve still never bought anything but. However, I’m considering a Toyota for my next one. I know, there are almost more American than American cars anymore. LOL! But it would be something out of bounds for me.

    Do you think your kids are going to be more laid back than you were? I’m sure you guys are the cool parents amidst all their friends.

  21. irisheyes says:

    My FIL went to buy a car a couple of weeks ago. Was very proud of the fact that he was buying American! The dealer told him his “American” car was 90% Toyota!

    I do think my kids are more laid back and have more fun than I did. They are going to have their problems, unfortunately, but not the extensive emotional ones that I had. My DH and I try to stay in touch and stay involved in their lives. The DD is just now getting to the point where she doesn’t want me around and everything I say and do is lame!

    We’ll see how cool we are when they hit the teen boy/girl stage. I’m seriously dreading it all!

  22. Janga says:

    I have dual sets of flags–one I fly with my churchy friends who consider my politics and ardent feminism freaky, one I fly with my academic friends who consider my religious views and my love of romance freaky. I think people without a bit of freakiness somewhere within them are probably bland and boring beyond bearing.

  23. terrio says:

    Irish – that reminds me of all the jokes about the stimulous money the gov’t sent. No matter what we buy, the money goes out of the country. The email I received boiled it down to prostitutes and beer being the only items you could buy where the money would stay here. LOL!

    I’m refusing to think of the teen yaers. I have enough gray hair already.

    Janga – Don’t you love messing with people’s perceptions of you? People were always surprised to find out I was a DJ. Especially if they knew me by my voice and had never seen me. Yeah, the voice is much sexier than the real thing. LOL!

  24. Quantum says:

    What an interesting blog Terri!

    Hellion cavorting with ducks on her undies; Tiff being as predictable as ever (*g*); Di the lovable smart-ass; Irish with her memories; Janga the ardent feminist bookworm and Terri the DJ extraordinary.

    Afraid I’m out of my depth.
    Course as a youngster I was phenomenal in all sorts of ways but now I have relaxed into a comfortable conformity……see, thats why I’m the only guy contributing to this blog. 🙄

  25. terrio says:

    There’s my resident science freak. LOL! A freak flag with the Union Jack is always fun. And are you saying we are predictable in our freakiness? That sounds like a challenge to me.

  26. Diana says:

    I’m positive Q has his quirks. I just wonder where or what they are…

  27. Marnee Jo says:

    I love the freak flag. Such a fun description.

    Q cracks me up. 🙂 You seem super conventional there, Q dear. LOL!!

    I’m a goofball. Not always overtly, but sorta offhand goofball. I’m not serious a lot, at least not dark and serious.

  28. terrio says:

    Marn – fun freakness is always the way to go. LOL!

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