Up to the Challenge

When the patriarch of the Dempsey family suffers a heart attack, the prodigal son returns to Anchor Island to run the family restaurant. Lucas Dempsey, an ambitious attorney sporting a bruised ego after losing his fiancé to his older brother, would rather walk on glass than spend six weeks within spitting distance of the happy couple. But family duty calls. And that duty includes working side-by-side with a tantalizing termagant intent on driving him mad.

Boat mechanic Sid Navarro longs to open her own garage, but until the magical money fairy visits her bank account, she’s waiting tables and matching wits with the man she’s been half in love with since she was fourteen years old. Lucas could charm the paint off a schooner, but Sid knows his time on Anchor is temporary. To show her true feelings would mean certain heartbreak, but the temptation of Lucas in her bed is more than she can resist.

A casual affair begins with the new lovers challenging each other in and out of bed. Sid shows Lucas a new side of the island and he shows Sid a new side of herself. When time runs out on their casual fling, the biggest challenge will be finding the strength to walk away.

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