Time to Share the Love

I was just thinking I should probably update this blog, but as life has settled into a quiet if not slow routine, I was at a loss for a topic. But then I stumbled over to the RomanceNovel.TV site and found this new program created by authors Maya Rodale and Ann Bleakley. It’s called Share the Love and it’s a wonderful opportunity for those of us with too many books to give them to a good cause.

Maya and Ann are willing to take those books off your hands and donate them to readers who cannot afford to buy them on their own. Romances are filled with stories of women overcoming adversity, finding love, finding themselves and finding the power within. But perhaps most of all, they are filled with hope and that is something women in difficult or transitional periods of life need the most.

I wish I’d known about this program a month ago when I gave all those books to the library, but I’m sure I have more I can purge off my shelves and send their way. Check out the site by clicking the logo above. There’s even a link for submitting your own or a local organization to receive donations.

This program is further proof of the generosity found in abundance in the Romance writing community. If you know of any other similar organizations where books can be donated, feel free to promote them in the comments. At the rate that most of us buy these books, it’s always helpful to have someplace to send them when we’re finished.

11 thoughts on “Time to Share the Love”

  1. Talk about an excellent idea! Reading a romance novel has helped me through enough bad times to be thrilled to participate in this. Thanks for sharing, Ter!

  2. That sounds like a really nice way for books to go to others.

    I rarely pass mine on, I just can’t part with them. They are like my babies!

    If it didn’t cost so much to ship from Canada I might just consider it for some of the books I only indulge in once.

  3. terrio says:

    No problem, Kel. I figure all of us have tons of books we could share.

    Tiff – I used to be that way about the books. Couldn’t part with any of them. Not so anymore. LOL! I’m parting with these babies left and right!

    And maybe you could find a local women’s shelter where you could take some. Then you’d be giving but wouldn’t have to ship them.

  4. Maggie says:

    Thanks, Terri. Ely and I swap books, but I still have bags of books I could send. Mailing by bookrate is slow but cheap.

  5. terrio says:

    Man, what the heck is blogger doing with this comment stuff now? Weird.

    No problem, Maggie. I thought this sounded like a great idea. It’s easier to part with the books when they are going to a great cause like this.

  6. Janga says:

    Great idea! I wish I still had the hundreds of books I discarded when I moved in the spring. But I’m sure that I will be pruning again soon, so I made a note.

    Thanks for making us aware of this, Terri.

  7. terrio says:

    Thanks, Janga. At the rate at which you read, I’m guessing it won’t take you anytime at all to have a full box to send. LOL!

  8. Quantum says:

    There are lots of charity shops in the UK that sell second hand books to raise funds. I tend to support OXFAM with mine, though I do tend to replace the handful that I take in with a bigger pile that I bring out!

    I may be absent for a few weeks now due to commuting which knocks about 4 hrs out of an already busy day. Will try to look in at weekends though.

    Hope you don’t miss me too much! *g*

  9. terrio says:

    Hey there, Q!

    I was wondering if you’d gone on holiday. (I almost sounded British right there, huh?) We do miss you when you’re not here, but we’ll have to get our Q fix on the weekends. 🙂

    That’s the good thing about this program. You have to send the books off and you don’t have the temptation of replacing them at the same time. I rarely leave the UBS with fewer books than I dropped off!

  10. Elyssa Papa says:

    This is such a great idea! I would have donated so many books that I didn’t send to Maggie. Thanks for sharing the info and the link!

  11. haleigh says:

    Great idea terri! Thanks for the link

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