Time for Change….Sort of

I love change. I thrive on change. I need change. As proof, let me give you a timeline of my relocations since high school graduation. These are years in which I either moved across town or across states but they all signify a major change.

1990 – Ohio to Pennsylvania (ok, it was 45 minutes from home but it counts)
1993 – moved across Pittsburgh
1994 – Pennsylvania to Tennessee
1995 – moved across Nashville
1997 – Tennessee to Arkansas (don’t hold it against me)
1998 – moved across Perry County
2001 – Perry County to Conway County
2004 – Arkansas to Virginia
2005 – moved to current apartment in Virginia

Now, you may notice a pattern here. The last time I moved was 2005. Which means I’m due for a move this year. But as mentioned in the previous blog, I’ve decided NOT to move. However, the urge is still there. The little gypsy soul in me is not liking this stay put thing. So, I’m trying little changes to appease the nomad.

As mentioned, we’re starting with paint. I’m picking up tons of those little paint cards and I need to tape them on the walls so I can see what I want to do. It’s tough. I’ve never actually made a paint decision before. Have I mentioned my struggle with commitment? No? Well, that will have to be a blog for another day.

I’m also moving furniture around. My living room is quite small and I’ve somehow managed to accumulate more crap than I can fit. Which is strange since when I moved into this apartment, I had two beds, one end table, a couple of bookshelves and an entertainment center. Right now I’m running on tiny spurts of motivation which has resulted in three pieces of furniture moved and my couch just hanging in the middle of the room. Here’s hoping I get more motivation soon.

There are also plans to move a couple of pieces in my bedroom (again) and possibly make a major purchase. Hey, I’ve had this little television of mine since 1996. I’m entitled to a new one and in this day and age, why buy a 70lb old-fashioned monster when you can buy a flat panel? That picture above may be taking up residence in my home very soon. *g*

Do you like change or are you one of those people who wishes everything would stay the same? If you like change, what do you do when the voices in your head start demanding new surroundings? Anybody out there moved more than I have in the last 18 years or so? Maggie? I know you’re out there. Help me out.

15 thoughts on “Time for Change….Sort of”

  1. How can I not comment, LOL. I do love to move, to change, but I like where I am now and hope to stay another year or maybe until they carry me out w/ a toe tag. However, if we have many more winters like the one we just had, I see the Florida Keys in my future, at least part of the year.

    Most of our moves were predicated on job changes, and we’d move into different houses in the same area, but I’ve lived in New York, Florida, New York redux, Massachusetts, Virginia, Maine, Ohio, Connecticut and back to Maine again. I have most of my original furniture, but it gets moved/used in different ways. I’m trying to give stuff to my kids now, because less is more *g*.

  2. I don’t like change, as in, what city I live in. But I do love moving into a new house. And I want to travel a lot. But I could never live away from my family for long.

  3. terrio says:

    Maggie – I knew you would make me feel better about my moving. LOL! And you’re only 2 states ahead of me. I could still catch up. *g*

    Kelly – That’s funny because NOT living near my family plays a major roll in why I live so far away. In my early 20s, I couldn’t wait to venture out to new places. I’ve slowed down now in that I’m not as interested in starting over from scratch again. Getting older and having a little one really does prompt you to put down some roots.

  4. J.K. Coi says:

    Terri, don’t do it. Don’t move. Stick with the decorating. Much less hassle. Take it from one who knows. I’ve moved almost as often as you have. Although in the last several years only once. But before that, it was at least once a year or so, for about six years. Now that I’ve been in one place for a while, I can’t imagine having to pack everything up again. I enjoy a change of scenery as much as the next person, but not when it involves the potential smashing of my precious crystal.

  5. terrio says:

    J.K. – isn’t it funny how things that seemed very important during one move have no sentimental value a couple of moves later? And I’ve noticed since I moved so much that I tend not to find homes for things. So I’m working on those two things.

    Getting rid of the stuff I have no use for and finding homes for things that have been left in boxes or up on shelves.

  6. Stephanie says:

    I’m an even mix of a lover of change and a lover of sameness. I moved from MN to TX in high school (a big move at that age!) and I ended up loving the change, rather than being upset. What completely different places to live and what completely new life outlooks I got.

    I always wanted (and still want) to move out of TX but I ended up at a college in TX and now I’m working here as well. Gosh! I wouldn’t mind moving to a new place but I know I’d miss my family — we’re so close.

    I completely understand the struggle with decorating committment! I’ve had 4 giant paint blotches on my wall for several months and I still don’t know what I’m going to paint my living room… 🙂

  7. terrio says:

    Wow, Steph, that is a major culture change right there. I know growing up in the North, it took some adjusting when I hit the South. But I prefer longer summers and shorter winters so I have no intention of ever going back above the Mason Dixon line.

    Just putting those splotches on the wall is a pretty good commitment to me. LOL! I may have to see if I can get that far. My poor child is ready to get the paint up there, but she’s going to find out real quick that I cannot be rushed. Much like her in every other aspect of life. *sigh*

  8. MistyJo says:

    Terri, I cannot remember the exact number of times that my sister has moved. Just in the last three and a half years, she has lived in 6 places in two towns. The family has declared mutiny and refuse to move her one more time. *g*

    I hate to move. I hate the mess. This last house that Bill and I purchased is the house that I want to grow old in. It’s big enough for the holidays full of kids and grand kids.

  9. terrio says:

    MistyJo – I hope she’s listening to the family and staying put. I had a friend back in my early 20s who moved three times in 10 months. The worst part was, on the last move, we put him right back in the building where he started, just in a different apartment. We thought we were all going to kill him.

    Someday I’ll get to the point where I can buy that last house. I think. LOL! That sounds nice and scary all at the same time.

  10. irisheyes says:

    I’m not a huge fan of change. I can do it. As long as it happens very sloooooowly. Every major decision I’ve ever made has been made over time. I think about it and think about it some more and then just to be sure I think it about it a little more. Then I decide… and then I change my mind. I don’t sound too hard to live with, do I???

    So, the whole process is so draining that when I finally decide on anything… moving, painting, buying a car, vacation, etc. I really really don’t want to do it again any time soon! LOL

    I have a neighbor who just feels the need to completely redecorate every year or so. I told her I’m not sure who has the problem her or me! One of my mom’s favorite sayings – “It’s not the same way we all go insane!”

  11. terrio says:

    Irish – somehow, I just knew that would be your answer. I can make a decision in most cases. But only if the end result can be considered NOT PERMANENT. In other words, the length of the committment is where I get caught up.

    But I did finish moving my living room around last night. It looks so much bigger. Now I just need to get the new TV and stand and that room will be all set. Except the paint. But I’m not painting until it stops raining.

    And until I actually settle on a color. *g*

  12. Janga says:

    I hate moving, particularly since I know I am facing one very soon. I have moved several times but always less than a hundred miles from where I was born. Some of the grands’ playmates are descendants of my grandparents’ playmates. My roots are deep here.

    Even though my “place” remains much the same, I do rearrange furniture and change color schemes often. And I am determined to overcome my packrat tendencies and get rid of lots of stuff when I make this next move–although, unlike Thoreau, I think I will always need more than three chairs. 🙂

  13. terrio says:

    Wow, Janga, I haven’t lived WITHIN 100 miles of where I was born in 14 years. But to be fair, where I was born is a dying steel mill town with no economy. So that’s more a matter of survival and that I hate winter.

    My grandfather was a packrat and my mother inherited it from him. I get it from her though I’m not nearly as bad. And as mentioned, the more you move, the less sentimental value things have. I try to purge stuff every summer. Last summer I hauled off at least 6 large boxes of items to the local thrift store. I get the tax deduction and any money from the sale of the items goes to the local children’s hospital. It’s a win/win all the way around.

  14. Quantum says:

    In general I hate avoidable change. My favourite phrase is ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’

    I recently painted the interior of my son’s new house. He selected mauve for the 4-year olds bedroom…ugh!!! But the room is now submerged in toys, posters, pictures, more toys….. so the colour has become irrelevant.

    I also find that the four year old has been practising her art work on my immaculate painting in more strategic zones….thank God I used paint rather than wall paper!

    When you have a young child its best to hang onto any stability you can find in your surroundings. Just relax, go with the flow and ENJOY participating in that youngsters development.Thats my philosophy anyway.

    She calls me gravy by the way and refuses to call me Quantum…can’t think why. *g*

  15. terrio says:

    Q – your grand calls you Gravy?! That’s adorable. And fitting since in about ten years she’s going to consider you her gravy-train. LOL!

    Don’t UGH! the mauve. You’ll just encourage Hellion.

    And you’re right about the stability. Before the kiddo I never had to worry about good schools, how far it is from my work to her school, or how safe the neighborhood is. Now those are all dealbreakers!

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