The Voices in my Head

I’m somewhat new to this writing thing. And in case you don’t know, since I’ve never technically mentioned it in here yet, I’m writing a romance novel. Attempting to anyway. So, I’m new to this but I hear (read: read online about) many writers who have these ever present voices in their heads. They are the voices of their characters and they tell them what they want to do, who they want to do it with and where they want to do these things. Sometimes they talk incessantly and sometimes they shut up and getting any information out of them is like pulling teeth.

But I didn’t have any voices in my head when I started writing which is why I never said I’m a writer. The voices are here now. And they won’t shut up. I spent 7 ½ hours driving alone on Sunday but alas, I was not alone. The voices were there and damn it they were going to tell me the rest of their story. Whether I liked it or not. Turns out I did like it and I’m much better now that I know exactly where my story is going, how the scenes are going to happen and most off all how the black moment will happen as well as the resolution scene at the end. It’s much easier to do this when you know all of that ahead of time.

I read an email from one writer who said she hadn’t taken a shower alone since 2005. I thought that was hysterical. But I’m not sure I’m willing to have that many people in the shower with me. So far they have left me alone there. Mostly. And keeping them out of there is great motivation to get this thing done.

Now how about you? Do you have voices in your head? And are they the good kind of voices? Are they telling you to let them have sex already or are your voices the ones that tell you to smack that co-worker in the cubicle next to you. If your voices are the latter (and if they are getting louder) please stop reading and go take your Paxil. If you are the former, feel free to let your voices leave a comment here. It would give them something to do and maybe get you a few minutes of peace and quiet. *g*

13 thoughts on “The Voices in my Head”

  1. MsHellion says:

    I have both kinds of voices. Where IS my Paxil anyway?

  2. terrio says:

    Please remember to pack it when you come? It makes dealing with the other drivers so much easier.

  3. LOL! Paxil is a great idea…
    My ‘voices’ since we’re calling them that, sometimes lie and tell me things will happen in the story that never do…Ever have that?LOL!

  4. terrio says:

    When I was writing the beginning of my book I was trucking along and the heroine made some reference to something her therapist told her. I didn’t know my heroine had a therapist. Turns out she doesn’t She was just playing with me I guess. LOL!

  5. marcantonia says:

    some days they speak to me alot. most days they’re silent.

    i wonder if they’re mad because i have a tendancy to shut them out. or because i don’t take the time to write out what they’re telling me. lol

    ah, well. once i start writing, i can’t shut them up

  6. santasmbslt says:

    Doesn’t everyone hear voices?

    Sometimes they are actually speaking when I am writing and that’s fabulous. Other times they refuse to speak to me. Most of the time they seem to turn to me as if to say “Are you SURE you want me to do this now? OR “I would never say such a thing.”

    It all depends. Regardless whether or not I am at the computer, I take the first opportunity to jot down an idea, a phrase or anything else that pops in there.

  7. I hear no voices. Altho stuff comes to me when I’m asleep. If I’m lucky I wake up and write it down.

    But when I’m actually typing, sometimes there is something comes up on the page that is nearly the opposite of what I’ve planned. So I guess my fingers are talking, or at least ignoring my brain…not hard to do. *g*.

  8. terrio says:

    Maggie – How in the world can you be so prolific and not hear the voices? That’s amazing. You’re like a machine. A very sleek and stylish one of course.

    Santa – You’re voices question you? The nerve. Don’t they know YOU are the author? It’s not like it’s their story or anything…LOL!

  9. Tessa Dare says:

    Oh, yes. I hear voices. And sometimes when I’m stuck, I sit down with a blank page and let the character ‘talk’ to me or give me a pep talk.

  10. terrio says:

    So Tessa, how do you get them to talk at will? And do you ever have a problem shutting them off?

  11. Tessa Dare says:

    Well, when I’m in the middle of an intense sequence and have to stop writing, I feel like the characters are there in my head, waiting VERY impatiently for me to come resolve their problem. That’s when I feel them yelling at me.

    OR – occasionally one of them will insist, very loudly, “I would NOT say/do/wear/think that!”

  12. midwestgal says:

    Hi Terri! Just noticed you got a blog and am thrilled. As for voices in my head? Uh – sometimes I shock myself with how cynical they sound because generally I’m an optimist. Maybe that says something about me . . hmmm. Whatever . . . but Terri – keep up the writing!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  13. terrio says:

    Thanks for stopping by, MWG. Great to see you here. I’m plugging away. Not sure I’m getting anywhere but I’m plugging.

    And my voices are very cynical. But I get more cynical the older I get so I think it’s a natural progression. Eventually the voices in the head and coming out of the head will all sound the same…

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