That giant whooshing sound you hear…

…is me exhaling. Math final done. English final essay done (in a record four hours and turned in with 55 minutes to spare). I now have three blissful weeks before the next quarter begins. I cannot tell you how wonderful that sounds. I have two goals for the next three weeks.

Goal One – do everything possible in the publicity and promotion of the Chesapeake Romance Writers Conference in November. I won’t know exactly what that entails until this Saturday but other than stuffing promo bags, I’m hoping everything can be done or at least well underway before the end of this month.

Goal Two – make major progress on the WIP. The muse returned somewhat this weekend and I’m hoping to keep the momentum alive. A coworker asked me about the book this morning and as I told her about the changes I’m making and where I plan to take the story, I found myself getting excited about it. I really like the direction it’s going. Today I ordered the book Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass as recommended by Elizabeth Boyle – thank you very much. Ms. Boyle says this book is great for explaining character motivation and that’s what I need. And I found it at at a really great price so double kudos to me.

Since we are talking about goals, I’ll reiterate another one of mine. I want to write THE END on my story on or before December 31, 2007. That means, on or before the day I turn 36 years old, I will have a finished MS. Grant it, there will be months of revisions after that but I figure, if I stick to this schedule, I’ll be able to enter a somewhat polished MS in some Spring contests and have a very polished MS to pitch at Nationals.

How about you? What are your short term goals? Long term goals? Even if it’s just get those dang clothes off the bedroom floor and into the closet – one of my very short term goals – please feel free to share.

Oh, and here’s a picture of the accomplishment of one of my long time goals. I’ve purchased my first couch ever! It’s being delivered tonight. I realize it’s nothing spectacular but when every piece of furniture you’ve ever owned has been a hand-me-down, one brand new sofa is a very big deal. *g*

18 thoughts on “That giant whooshing sound you hear…”

  1. MsHellion says:

    1.) Not croak from my high cholesterol and HBP
    2.) Start walking
    3.) Learn to enjoy walking
    4.) Stop eating everything and eat what is healthy instead
    5.) Oh, and polish the rest of my book and get an agent to love it and then sell it for a bunch of money

    Why does my list seem impossible?

  2. irisheyes says:

    Mine is fairly close to Hellion’s actually (with the exception of #5).

    Trying to get this family on a healthier eating and exercise regime.

    It’s the age old dilemma of healthy or convenient. I’ve been going the convenient route too much lately and we’re paying for it. So, now it’s time for Mom to step up to the plate, put my money where my mouth is, and provide a better alternative than Chicken McNuggets. I’ve got the knowledge and the resources, just lacking the desire. I HATE TO COOK! I’d, seriously, rather clean bathrooms!

    So, that’s my big push for the fall. I hope to have us all a little healthier by the new year.

  3. terrio says:

    Not croak. I’m thinking we can all add that one to our lists. And losing weight is sort of an eternal goal for me so it almost seems redundant to even mention it.

    And if anyone puts down “gain weight” as a goal, you will be flogged.

    Irish – when I was sick from the gall stones, I couldn’t eat fast food. So we got used to going without and now we almost never get it. You’ll be surprised how quickly the kiddies will get used to eating the healthy stuff. Thank goodness my child likes fruits and vegetables.

  4. Diana says:

    My goals are simple. Pay off my credit card debts by the end of this school year, try to pass with a 3.5 in both semesters, and have fun. I forget how short and fun life can be.


  5. terrio says:

    You won’t forget when you blink and four years have gone by. LOL! Good luck with those credit cards. I paid all of mine off back in 2000 and I refuse to get one ever again. The only time it ever causes me trouble is when I want to rent a car. But even then, I make it work. *g*

  6. Ah. Putting my feet up on your beautiful new sofa. Now you are mad at me.

    Goals? Also to finish Paradise by Dec. 31. Finish revising TRR. Enter a couple of contests if I can clean stuff up.

  7. Janga says:

    All my short-term goals right now have to do with writing: finish global warming articles by deadline (Oct.1–EEEECH!), finish EJ article by Dec. 1, finish WIP by Dec. 31. My long-term goals are to be more disciplined physically, mentally, and spiritually and just to survive to be an old, old lady. I discovered today that the old are now divided into three groups–young old, old, and old old. I can legitimately use “young” as part of a self-description again. LOL!

  8. Sin says:

    1. Pay off the rest of my debt occured when I was a stupid kid.
    2. Try not to croak.
    3. Work on my WIP and pretend like its the most brilliant thing I’ve ever written.
    4. Try to stay in touch with my girlfriends because I’m not doing a good job of it now.
    5. Help Hellion sell her wonderful novel and be her favorite cheerleader.

  9. terrio says:

    Maggie – Put your feet up anytime you like. It’s really quite comfortable! And that makes three of us with the 12/31 deadline. Here’s to hitting the mark.

    Janga – you are the youngster of the group so I have no idea what you are talking about. Now you have articles and a book to write. What are you doing over here? LOL!

    Sin – this no croaking thing is going around. You can be Hellion’s farvorite cheerleader but I’ve already called the urn. Hands off. LOL! You’ll have to ask Hellion to explain that one to you…

  10. TiffinaC says:

    1) eat less junk, I’m a candy lover galore!

    2) Finish my second book by Oct 31

    3)Finish my third draft of my first book by the end of September

    4)Save up to redo the kids bedroom… it needs a makeover


  11. TiffinaC says:

    not sure where the extra number 4 came from…lol!

  12. terrio says:

    I love that you have a goal to finish your second book two months before my goal to finish my first. LOL! You need more chaos in your life or something.

    And just drop your 4s anywhere. Sheesh, leave stuff in my house, drop extra stuff in my blog…

  13. quantum says:

    Immediate goal is to avoid spilling scotch as I sink into that fabulous settee.

    Intermediate goals are to complete two scientific masterpieces on nano-tubes and neuron firing.

    Long term goals are to make more people laugh or at least smile.

  14. irisheyes says:

    Q – I LOVE your long term goals!

    I also think not croaking is a very worthy goal for all of you trying to attain it!

  15. Tessa Dare says:

    I’m so jealous of your beautiful new sofa! We are still living with this horrid, uncomfortable IKEA “starter couch” we bought six years ago. Someday we’ll be able to afford a new one…

    Short term goals – hm. Not go insane while my manuscript is on submission. Believe me, it’s a daily struggle.

  16. terrio says:

    Q – Pull up a seat, sorry can’t afford to fire any more of my neurons so you’re on your own and you know you make me smile everyday. *g* See?

    Tessa – I have never bought a couch (or chair or even ottoman) before so this was so exciting. But the poor thing looks so lonely. My living room is just too small to get the other matching pieces. LOL! I can’t wait until the big “Tessa got a contract!” party. That is going to be such a blow out. And I bet it’s going to be soon.

  17. TiffinaC says:

    Hey! You can make use of all that stuff I left behind.

  18. terrio says:

    I sure can. LOL! Well, all that healthy food went after you left but I use the face wash every night. *g*

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