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That should have been the name of this blog site. Ah, hind sight and all that. There are several reasons why I’ve been so lax in posting here. A) I have joined the crew of this great new ship and though fun, they do keep me busy. B) Real life is still kicking my ass as usual. Who’d a thunk college courses would get harder the longer you go? Not me. C) Softball. But this is our last week so at least I’ll get a couple week nights back and I can sleep in on Saturday mornings again. I mean, I can use my Saturday mornings to get more accomplished. Yeah, that’s what I meant…

But for today, I thought I would do a movie review. Since I actually got to GO see a movie this weekend. This is about as rare as me getting all of my homework done on a Monday night. Ok, that has never happened but you get the point. I went to see Dan In Real Life and it was really good. Intelligent, heart-warming, hysterical at times, painful to watch at others.

Steve Carell plays a widower with three daughters. He’s a parenting expert, newspaper columnist who refuses to admit his girls are growing up. His middle daughter, I believe she’s 14 or 15, was the one that worried me. Very beautiful, dressed beyond her years and very dramatic. Oh yeah, that’s my child in five or six years. If not sooner, heaven help me.

Back to the movie. Dan has been alone since his wife’s death four years ago and out of no where meets Marie (played by Juliette Binoche) at a book store. He talks to her for hours but she has to leave to meet the man she’s seeing. Dan manages to get her number and things look good until he meets her again. It’s down hill from there.

Turns out the man she’s seeing is Dan’s brother, Mitch (played by Dane Cook) and the three are thrown together in a family house party. Comedy and heartbreak ensue as Dan and Marie fight their attraction, make each other jealous and ultimately give into temptation.

I enjoyed Steve Carell as the lead in this one. He was intelligent, funny (without being goofy) and endearing. He managed to look pathetic at times but never whiney. I wanted to hug him but never felt sorry for him. Dane Cook did a good job but he was playing himself so it wasn’t much of a stretch. Juliette Binoche played a character that was essentially the perfect woman but still managed to make me like her, and the rest of the cast that made up this quirky family were just a treat. Dianne Wiest and John Mahoney played the wise parents who meddled but always with good intentions, and Alison Pill, Brittany Robertson and Marlene Lawston were wonderful as Dan’s pragmatic, passionate and patient daughters. I say this one is well worth the price of admission.

Did you see any good movies over the weekend? Did you see this one and think I’m out of my mind? Do you buy Steve Carell as a leading man? Would you toss Dane Cook out of bed for eating crackers? I wouldn’t. *g*

6 thoughts on “Terri…In Real Life”

  1. Santa says:

    I hardly ever get out to a movie. Heck, I have a free PPV movie coupon and haven’t used it yet. I wonder when it expires…

    As to Steve Carroll, I think he’s really coming into his own. Unlike Jim Carrey, I think he’s easier to see as a leading man and not just a comedic actor.

    Oh, and I’d order in just to keep Dane Cooke eating crackers in my bed!

  2. terrio says:

    Isn’t Dane Cook hot? It’s his irreverance. And he’s just hot.

    Steve Carell is having an easier time than Carrey I guess. But Carell is less known for the physical comedy and more for the intelligent and goofy stuff. I’ve never thought of Jim Carrey as smart comedy. Talented, yes, but not the same somehow.

  3. Tessa Dare says:

    I love Steve Carell as a leading man. (or a quirky secondary character, like in Little Miss Sunshine). I love it when comic actors are given a chance to stretch and show their versatility, because great comedy is the result of tremendous skill and subtlety on the part of the actor – and they never get full credit for that.

    Thanks for the review! I’m sure I’ll miss it in the theaters, but I’ll look for it on DVD.

  4. I hardly ever go to the movies anymore. I can’t seem to sit still. I can’t even remember the last movie I saw—maybe Blades of Glory on a plane this summer? Whatever it was, I probably didn’t like it much, since I’m Miss Cranky Pants. But maybe when this one shows up on pay per view, I’ll pop some popcorn and watch it.

  5. terrio says:

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies. This one really is worth picking up or checking out at some point. The first plot twist happens maybe 10 minutes in and it’s a fun ride from then on. The shower scene is hysterical but the Pig Face song made me LMAO!

  6. Hey, I saw this over Thanksgiving. I liked it a lot. Steve Carrel is adorable and it was touching. I HEART the pigface song, too.

    But the shower scene…it didn’t pass the “would she really test” for me.

    Overall, though. I give it a big thumbs up! We should all go to the movies in San Fran.

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