water leaks

Water Is My Friend

on August 27, 2014

During the brief moments when I’ve blogged lately, I’ve talked about my schedule being all out of whack. I’m writing when I should be sleeping and sleeping while the rest of the world is doing, well, just about everything the world does. I’ve been trying to switch this back around, but with no luck.

And now I know why. My late nights became serendipitous around 2 am last night. (This morning? You know what I mean.)

I finished my word count for the day and was plotting out what would come next (which is very exciting and secret revealing and you’re going to love it, I hope) when I noticed the animals gathered near the laundry room door. Normally, this means they’re watching a bug and debating which of them will get to kill it. But this time seemed different. This is the conversation I imagine was taking place.


Bumbles (cat): Why are you guys watching the door?

Caelen (extremely skittish cat): There’s a noise in there. I think something evil is going to get us.

Callie (cat): It’s not evil, but it ain’t good either. There’s wet stuff on the floor.

Macie (dog): What are you doing? Huh? Huh? Should we tell mom? I bet mom would want to play, too. Or I could chase you guys around. Wanna play chase?

Cats collectively: Chill out, fur ball.


This is when I joined them and heard the sound for myself. Upon further inspection, I found water pooling under my washer and dryer. Blasted water heater! I turned off the main valve for the water heater and the noise stopped, as did the leak. Lucky break for me, as this was not exactly business hours.

This is where you might think I’d cry foul and whine about the annoying water curse that seems to hover over my house. But that’s not going to happen.

I put in a service call with my warranty company, the plumbing company called at 7:55, arrived within an hour, and the whole thing was changed out and done before noon. And almost all of it was covered by the home warranty.

Not bad to go from flood waters to new unit at an extremely low cost (relatively speaking) in less than twelve hours. Not bad at all. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go pass out.