wash your hands


on March 3, 2008

Is flu season over yet? I spent almost the entire month of February sick but it was more the head cold/chest cold variety and not the fever, aches & pains, can’t get off the couch except to you-know-what variety. But Saturday morning my child woke up with a high fever and slept for almost ten hours on Sunday. She woke up long enough to be sick and take a bath then was so exhausted she turned her nose up at food and asked to go back to bed.

This is not good. For one, she’s miserable and I hate seeing her this way. For two, I’m going to have to take the day off without pay to take her to the doctor. I sure hope this isn’t a long term thing. She’s going to sleep her way into smaller clothes at this rate.

Through this virtual little world I play in, I’ve made friends all over the country and am amazed at how many people are sick. And how this sickness just won’t let go, lingering for weeks. Maybe we need to wash our hands more. You think? I don’t know.

But I know Spring has got to get here soon. And with it, melting of the snow and ice, longer days and warmer nights. Colorful flowers and blinding sunshine and hopefully the end of this bloody flu season. I’m even trying to pretend Spring is already here with the picture of these beautiful flowers.

Have you been sick? Have sick kiddos at home? Any ideas or remedies for how to kick this stuff in the butt? Did you wash your hands before you touched that keyboard? LOL!