tough boss

First Week At The New Job

on December 20, 2013

This is going to be one of those “What I’ve learned so far” posts. The first week into working from home and I’ve learned some hard lessons already.

1.) Working from home is just like working anywhere else. You start your day with a plan, then you get an email or phone call and that plan goes out the window. At the end of the day, you’ve no idea what you accomplished, you just know there’s a lot more to be done.

2.) I am both a demanding boss and a lazy employee. All my life I’ve battled my procrastinator tendencies. I’ve managed them better in the last several years, as being a single parent with a full-time job and a part-time college curriculum (as I experienced from 2006 to 2009) will force you to get your butt in gear and get crap done. However, this week, all those tendencies are back with a vengeance. At the same time, the boss is making me feel horrible for not hitting all my goals.

It’s a vicious cycle.

3.) This is a basic life lesson that the ladies will understand. I’ve always had incredibly oily skin so avoided moisturizers at all costs. Turns out, my skin was an oil slick because it wanted moisture. Who’d a thunk? I slathered on some moisturizer this week to test this theory and the results were astounding. No more oil slick. Only took 42 years to figure that one out. 

I’m not even going to mention my screwy sleeping patterns. So, after all this, I’ve decided if I get some things done between now and Christmas day, then fine. If I don’t, that’s fine too. I say I’ve decided but the boss isn’t quite on board with this yet. I will be leaving the house soon (to tackle the post office – pray for me) and may bribe her with a Frosty.