staying put

Time for Change….Sort of

on April 7, 2008

I love change. I thrive on change. I need change. As proof, let me give you a timeline of my relocations since high school graduation. These are years in which I either moved across town or across states but they all signify a major change.

1990 – Ohio to Pennsylvania (ok, it was 45 minutes from home but it counts)
1993 – moved across Pittsburgh
1994 – Pennsylvania to Tennessee
1995 – moved across Nashville
1997 – Tennessee to Arkansas (don’t hold it against me)
1998 – moved across Perry County
2001 – Perry County to Conway County
2004 – Arkansas to Virginia
2005 – moved to current apartment in Virginia

Now, you may notice a pattern here. The last time I moved was 2005. Which means I’m due for a move this year. But as mentioned in the previous blog, I’ve decided NOT to move. However, the urge is still there. The little gypsy soul in me is not liking this stay put thing. So, I’m trying little changes to appease the nomad.

As mentioned, we’re starting with paint. I’m picking up tons of those little paint cards and I need to tape them on the walls so I can see what I want to do. It’s tough. I’ve never actually made a paint decision before. Have I mentioned my struggle with commitment? No? Well, that will have to be a blog for another day.

I’m also moving furniture around. My living room is quite small and I’ve somehow managed to accumulate more crap than I can fit. Which is strange since when I moved into this apartment, I had two beds, one end table, a couple of bookshelves and an entertainment center. Right now I’m running on tiny spurts of motivation which has resulted in three pieces of furniture moved and my couch just hanging in the middle of the room. Here’s hoping I get more motivation soon.

There are also plans to move a couple of pieces in my bedroom (again) and possibly make a major purchase. Hey, I’ve had this little television of mine since 1996. I’m entitled to a new one and in this day and age, why buy a 70lb old-fashioned monster when you can buy a flat panel? That picture above may be taking up residence in my home very soon. *g*

Do you like change or are you one of those people who wishes everything would stay the same? If you like change, what do you do when the voices in your head start demanding new surroundings? Anybody out there moved more than I have in the last 18 years or so? Maggie? I know you’re out there. Help me out.