Casual Dating or Hours I Can Never Get Back?

on June 25, 2007

That is the question. I’m making an effort at this casual dating thing. I’d heard about it, of course. I mean, I’m no spring chicken over here. But in my past I’ve been a serial monogomer. (I can’t believe spell check just suggested mongooses for that oneā€¦hehehe) I would meet a guy, hit it off and boom we’re a couple. Apparently short term relationships are not in my make up.

But I’d like to think I’m older and wiser now. And since jumping into relationships hasn’t totally paid off I figure I should increase the numbers as it were. I have gone on three dates in less than two months (I know – watch me go!). Two of those were with the same person. To say there were no sparks on any of these dates is an understatement. And it’s not the fault of the other parties. It’s all me. But I also don’t think I’m too picky. If you ever met my ex you’d agree. So what’s a girl to do?

Do I stop trying? That would make me a quitter and a lonely quitter at that. Do I get more selective? These dates were nice, clean men of an appropriate age for me. Both had good jobs. This is apparently not enough for me to make a connection. Perhaps this is where my reading of romance novels has become a detriment. (Yes, brought that back around to writing!) I don’t believe I’m looking for some romance novel hero – I’m certainly no romance novel heroine – but as Meg said in Sleepless in Seattle, I want magic. Whatever that is I want it. And I know my last three dates didn’t have it. Neither did the one before these three but I’ve blocked that one out completely.

So, tell me, am I wasting my time? Should I put my energies to better use and get off the dating wheel (again)? I’m a busy woman. Surely I could make better use of my time. What’s the answer? Give me a reason to go on!