I Need an iNtervention

on March 3, 2009

In my list of favorite things I mentioned my iPod. Let me say that a little over a year ago, I didn’t see the need for one of these. I could play my CDs in my car and there’s always the radio. As a former disc jockey, I’m programmed to prefer radio over satellite or MP3 players. But then I saw the light.

For my 2007 birthday, I didn’t get a single present. So I bought my own. (This happens pretty much every year which works out well as I have an excuse to buy me something extravagant. Hello new car!) What I bought was an iPod Nano. And I fell in love.

I take this little gem everywhere I go. It holds around 2000 songs, but right now I only have maybe 700-something on it. I’m in the process of adding a ton of my CDs into the computer so my list is always growing. But another reason my list is always growing is iTunes.

iTunes is my nemesis and my new love all at the same time. You can buy just the song, people. I don’t have to buy every uninteresting, over-popped, over-produced song just to get that one I like. The other night I spent $20 in one sitting (songs are $.99 each) and only one purchase was an entire CD. The rest was individual songs like three from The Fray and that Jai Ho from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with Kid Rock who thinks this breaking up of the product was a horrible move on the part of the music industry. He’s right. Artists go into the studio to create an album (to use the now antiquated word for the compilation) and that is their product. They put their heart and soul into the entire collection and that’s what they are selling. Making it possible for the consumer to buy one tenth of the product makes the product worthless. Why not just offer a bunch of songs and forget about it?

However, I’m taking advantage of the industry’s poor decision making. I do try to listen to the 30 second snippets of all the songs on a CD and if I like enough of them, I’ll buy the entire thing. I love finding a gem that you’d never hear on the radio. But when I don’t like that many and I only want two or three songs, I love that I can get them without the complete investment.

How about everyone else? Have you jumped on the MP3/iPod bandwagon? Do you spend way too much time looking for new music and way too much money buying it? What’s the latest artist/song you’ve fallen in love with. This is my latest obsession. Natasha Bedingfield’s Soulmate.