sleep deprivation


on March 10, 2008

In addition to my various ramblings on this blog, I also belong to a group blog with four other writers. You can find a link to Yo Ho, A Writer’s Life For Me at the top of this page. Monday is my regular day over there and last week, in a fit of stress, I wrote a long, meandering blog about NOT being a writer. Well, not right now at least. With several days to recover from the temporary insanity that prompted the ravings, I deleted it last night and went another route. You see, the stress had gotten to me.

I’m a very laid back person – usually. But I’m only human so I have my moments. Take last night for instance. Could not sleep which means I’m now sleepwalking through my day. Turns out buying a house is stressful even in the early stages. It’s mostly about money, but location is giving me a headache as well. Most of the places for which I qualify are not in the best parts of town. And that often translates into not the best schools either. Damn the wealthy people for taking all the good stuff.

This too shall pass and I’ll return to my senses. I just hope it’s before I fall right off the edge.

What stresses you out and what to you do to get a handle on it? Since happy pills and alcohol are not an option, I’m looking for more natural remedies. *g* Any tidbits on meditation?