short story

I’m Officially a Reject

on January 24, 2008

Not that there was any doubt before, but now I have it in writing. I wrote a short story erotic romance for an open submission call and turned it in nearly too late. Minutes past the deadline in fact. But it still made consideration only to be rejected in less than four days. That’s got to be some sort of record.

However, I’m still in love with my story, know exactly what I want to do to make it better, and I plan on submitting it elsewhere. It sort of makes all of this stuff real. I wrote something – no longer have to say writing. For that one anyway. We won’t mention the others. I submitted, had the entire work read by an editor and then was soundly (but nicely) rejected. Believe it or not, in the world of an aspiring author, that’s big.

Now it’s back to work and another round of submitting and holding my breath. I’m sure this sounds like torture to normal people, and I’m not saying it qualifies as fun, but it feels great to me. Everyone has to start somewhere and if writing 15K words of hot, sexy, sweet sex is where I start, then so be it. I can think of worse places….LOL!

How about you. Where did you get your start? Or are you still working on that part? Have you finished a manuscript and if so, how did you feel at the end? Was it as exciting as you thought? Did it seem anti-climactic or did you just freak that now you had to go back and start editing/revising?