Shooting Stars Series


on October 18, 2018

I’ve been planning to revive this blog for a while, and what better time to do that than today? This year has been a crazy one for me, and the chaos is carrying all the way through to the end. That’s because WISHING ON A STAR releases on December 11, and today I’m ridiculously excited to share the cover with you! Isn’t she pretty??!!!???



Wishing On A Star carries on the Shooting Stars Series, featuring the artists and dreamers who pass through the doors of Shooting Stars Records, the newest label in Music City. Here’s the current back cover copy for Wishing On A Star! (Subject to change.)

This is the story of Jesse Gold—the first female artist signed to Shooting Stars Records, and one of the most talented unknowns in Music City. After getting a glimpse of success as one half of the Honkytonk Daisies, Jesse wants stardom more than ever, but she can’t get there without an album and for that she needs a producer.

Enter Ash Shepherd—a successful songwriter coming off a career-topping collaboration with the now-redeemed bad boy of country music, Chance Colburn. Stepping into the producer’s chair can take Ash’s career to the next level, but he won’t make just any album. The music has to be real and genuine and straight from the performer’s heart.

Thus comes problem number one. Jesse is determined to make the catchiest, most radio-friendly album she can to insure her debut record is a success. Ash is more interested in great songs than spoon-feeding listeners candy-coated country pop, and that means pushing Jesse beyond what he calls musical fluff.

But a disagreement on songs isn’t the only issue between them.

Which brings in problem number two. Jesse and Ash share a past that includes her brother’s death in a car accident while Ash was behind the wheel. That tragic night left Jesse scarred and alone, and after twelve years apart, these two wounded artists struggle to not only find common ground, but to deal with the powerful and unexpected sparks igniting between them.

Can Ash and Jesse let go of the past and take a shot at a future that neither imagined? Or will they cling to old wounds and lose out on a love they might never find again?

I’m crazy excited and nervous and all-around petrified to be putting this one out there on my own, but Jesse and Ash’s story had to be told, even if neither of them was willing to making the writing easy for me. I hope you’re excited, too, and if you are, feel free to hop over to Amazon and hit the preorder button today!

PS: There will be at least one more book in this series and it’s the one I hope everyone is waiting for. I know I am.