Romance Biggest Winner

On The Road To A Smaller Me (and a Mea Culpa)

on July 5, 2011

I’ll get the mea culpa out of the way first. Last year when I attended RWA Nationals in Orlando, Twitter was all the rave. I had an account but wasn’t a fan. However, everyone around me was tweeting non-stop, which I found incredibly annoying. Why couldn’t they just enjoy themselves and take a moment to update their Twitter stream or Facebook status when they got a break?


As one who did not get to attend this year, my opinion has changed quite a bit. Not completely, as I still think it’s rude when you’re having a conversation with someone, attempting to look them in the eye, and they’re looking down at their phone. But I so appreciate all the participants who Tweeted speeches, workshops, spotlights, and the awards in real time.


It was nearly as good as being there without the travel and expense. And without the laughter, camaraderie, and buzzing atmosphere, but bits of that came through as well. So THANK YOU to all who took the time to let us live vicariously through you. I will not be such a spoil sport next year when I (hopefully!) get to attend again. I might even do some Tweeting of my own.


Now to the smaller me. The Romance Biggest Winner project is officially underway. As of today I will eat better, get myself moving, and support my teammates as much as possible. I’ve bought a scale, fruit, and salad mix. Anyone who knows me knows these things would normally never be on any shopping list of mine.


I cannot say I’m on a diet. This is something I want to maintain going forward so calling it a diet will mean going back OFF the diet when it’s over and that would be disaster. What I have to do is learn to cut back on the amounts and up the exercise. I’m not going to cut out pasta all together, or try to get used to skim milk and wheat puffs. I know I’d never keep that up. But I don’t have to buy cookie dough (unless I actually have a reason to make cookies), channel surf for three hours like a brainless zombie (while my “middle spread” gets bigger), or go back for seconds when I know I’ve had enough.


The project runs for the next six months and if you’d like to follow along, check out the blog for frequent updates. Ashley March is the mastermind behind it and from the looks of things, she’s going to be working like crazy to keep this thing organized. For that alone, I can forgive her for the spreadsheet from hell.

Romance Biggest Winner – Via Losing

on June 21, 2011

I am about to embark on a new endeavor that could drastically change my life. Yes, I know I said this summer there would be no new projects to derail the writing goals. But this is an exception I believe will help me reach those goals.

I’m going to be a Loser. Or, with the official name change, a WINNER. [Pause for silly Charlie Sheen jokes. And we move on.]

Historical author Ashley March, the brains behind this spring’s March Madness blog event, has come up with yet another brilliant idea. Again writers will have the opportunity to interact with readers and promote their work, giving away smiles and prizes, but this time there’s something else. 

This time, we’ll all be shedding pounds as we gain new authors and books to read.

The Romance Biggest Winner project (I hesitate to call it a contest though there are prizes) will run from July 5, 2011 to January 5, 2012. Authors and readers will break into teams and together work toward their weight loss goals. Pushing, supporting, and encouraging each other while also holding each other accountable for our numbers.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been overweight since middle school, maybe earlier. There was no such thing as “healthy eating” in my household, though we were very active as kids. I’m sure this had more to do with the lack of computers and video games. There was no choice but to go outside to chase away the boredom. Though I spent equal time hiding with a book.

On December 31st of this year, I will turn 40 years old. By taking part in Romance Biggest Winner, I plan to reach that milestone feeling better than I have in years. I’m going for healthy and fit instead of focusing on some ridiculously small number on the scale. (Not that I don’t have a goal number, but that’s not the real point of this.)

I need to move and put down the chocolate! (Chocolate low-fat yogurt from Skinny Dip not included.)

I’m not positive, but there might still be time to join the fun. Check out Ashley’s blog about Romance Biggest Winner for the details. If you need more than the satisfaction of losing 20 or 30lbs, free books as well as a cash prize to the Biggest Winner are all up for grabs.

EDITED TO ADD: All reader slots have been filled, but I do believe there are still author slots left. There is also a new blog established by Ashley where you can find all the details. Check it out here.