on May 14, 2013

Sharlene pictureI realize there has been a pattern of increased panic and whining in my recent blogs, but oddly enough, one week before my debut novel goes on sale, I’m incredibly calm.

Who’d a thunk this would happen? Certainly not me.

A great boon has been the wonderful reviews I’m getting on Goodreads. I cannot thank these readers enough. They’ve taken a chance on a new author and truly gotten the story and loved my characters. And best of all, they’re telling their friends!

We authors talk a lot about marketing and publicity, blog tours and placement ads. But there is no better way to sell books than by word of mouth. By one reader loving your work and telling a friend. It’s something you can’t pay for or arrange, it just has to happen.

So thank you to those readers who have spread the good word about my book. I’d give you all a hug if I could. No matter what happens when this book is released, I’m already blessed with happy readers. Two, five, or twenty, it doesn’t matter. They enjoyed the book and that’s all I ever wanted.