Music Monday – Unrecognizable

on November 18, 2013

In all this new music I’ve found through kiddo, I’ve also found some new versions of songs from my youth. These Pop Punk bands cover older songs, putting their own spin on them. It can be anything. Punk Goes Hip Hop or Punk Goes Holiday (which is awesome and you’ll be getting some of those in the coming weeks.)

Usually I’ll find myself singing along and then wonder “How do I know this song?” Another couple lines and I realize it’s because I’ve heard the original version a few hundred times. But every now and then, the new arrangement is so different, I have a hard time naming the tune. (Loved that show when I was little.)

This is one of those versions. Since the video link includes the title of the song, I can’t make this a quiz to see if you recognize it. But do give it a listen. I’d be interested to hear if you’d have figured it out without the help.



Do you like when old songs are made new? Or would you rather the originals be left alone?