reading is fun week

Book Pushers Welcome

on May 6, 2008

I knew I needed to update this blog, but whining about how busy I am, hating homework, how bad my Monday was (and it was REAL bad), or how messy my house is is getting old. So I went in search of some fun holidays or observances to talk about. And boy did I find them.

May is National Salad Month, National Vinegar Month, National Photo Month, Sweet Vidalia Onion Month, Ultra-violet Awareness Month and our least favorite, National Revise Your Work Schedule Month. Anything with the word “revise” in it is simply unwelcome in the company of writers.

The things we observe during this week are even more fun. We have National Family Week, National Hug Holiday Week, National Pet Week, National Postcard Week and the ever fun Intimate Apparel Market Week. It’s no surprise that one is also celebrated in February, August and November. You never can have too much intimate apparel.

We also have National Wildflower Week, Update Your References Week, and National Nurses Week. But the most important thing to celebrate this week, is Reading is Fun Week. Boy is it ever.

I have been reading books non-stop since grade school. Someone gave my sister a set of condensed classics and I tore through them. Little Women, The Wizard of Oz (I still say that man was high when he wrote that), and the one that began my addiction to mysteries, The Hound of the Baskerville. Sherlock Holmes was so cool.

I eventually moved onto every Encyclopedia Brown I could find, took a turn with that Forever book just like every other girl of my generation and then to the Harlequin Young Adult books. But by high school, I found Romances and the rest, as they say, is history.

I’m happy to see my daughter is following in my book marks. Though recently her teacher told her she couldn’t read Harry Potter because it was above her level. Excuse me? That woman must not value her life much. My daughter can read anything she wants to read (within reason) and no one is going to tell her not to strive higher. The nerve. And this is the same woman who told the students they needed to go Monday through Thursday with no screens. No television. No computers. No. Screens. The kicker? Their parents should do this with them. I’m pretty much in agreement with Maggie that the woman is obviously a communist.

Where was I? Oh yes, Reading is Fun Week. When did you start reading? Do you encourage others to read too? Are you a book pusher? (I know lots of those and thanks to them I’m in danger of death by book avalanche!) If you don’t read (and we both know that everyone who stops here does), what in the world are you doing missing these incredible treasures?!