Realty Check

on February 21, 2008

Did you know that when you buy a house, there’s no more landlord to pay for busted water heaters and failed compressors? No more handy man just a phone call away? No more maintenance guy that takes care of every little break, snap, drip and squeak? What is this world coming to?!

You might have figured out by now I’m contemplating the big plunge into home-ownership. And I’m getting better about it. I only hyperventilate like two or three times a day. Trust me, that’s much better than I was the day I signed all the paperwork for the pre-approval.

Have you ever seen the amount of money that is involved in these things? It’s just crazy. Who came up with this brilliant system? Whoever he is, and I’m sure it’s a *he*, he’s one rich bastard, let me tell ya. I’d like to get a my hands on him and squeeze until his….errr….nevermind.

So, I’m pre-approved and I have my little letter to carry around that says so. It’s like walking around with a ton of money in your pocket only not. And it’s by no means a guarantee this is ever going to happen. You wouldn’t believe how many pieces of this puzzle have to fit together for this to work. Basically, the stars have to align perfectly, the seas all need to flow in the same direction at the same time and I have to have a perfect hair day seven days in a row. Hell, I can’t even pull off that last one for more than two! (Makes note to schedule haircut for this weekend)

But, I’m remaining optimistic. Or trying to anyway. I can do this. Sure I can. Just like I can write a book. Oh God, I’m in trouble….

Tell me about your happy home buying experiences. Tell me how fun this is and how it will all be ok. In other words, LIE!