Getting the Points

on March 13, 2008

So I decided to incorporate this point counting concept into my diet to get a handle on my food intake. Because I haven’t enrolled officially in the program (read: I’m cheap!), I don’t have all the information I need to figure out how many points regular food is. This has resulted in eating the pre-prepared stuff with the points printed on the box. So far so good.

The amazing thing is, this food doesn’t taste bad at all. I expected it to taste awful and there was no way it was going to fill me up. But I was wrong on both counts. I did try the chicken parm the other day and that was pretty bad. The *alleged* chicken was anyway. I’m pretty sure they used the feet to make that little patty.

I don’t have a working scale at home so who knows if this is working. I’ve started a new pilates regimen, which is the greatest exercise ever created IMO, and my clothes have loosened ever so slightly. Good sign that.

If I keep this up I should be feeling really good by the time summer gets here. That’s the goal anyway. So don’t tell anyone that I’m slipping just a bit and having an Uno’s Deep Dish pizza for lunch today. It’s a craving and I’m only human. I’d rather give myself one day to indulge than overload everyday like I was.

Have you tried some big time fancy diet before? Did it work or did you hate it? Are you willing to pay big bucks to lose weight? And if you’re naturally thin, eat anything you want, and never exercise – feel free to comment but be prepared for some very hungry and cranky women to beat you senseless. *g*