The Getaway

on May 15, 2009

I’ve been sitting here trying to think of something really creative and witty to put up here, since I’ve been so remiss about updating, but I got nothing. Not that I have nothing to talk about, just that I can’t think of an interesting way to talk about it. So I’ll sum up then post some pictures.

Senior Seminar is tough but gets easier every week and once I narrow in on a topic for the final paper (and write the thing), I’ll be home free. The Sociology class is interesting if a bit depressing. Reading about some of the horrific things humans do to each other is not the happiest way to spend your evenings.

The writing is still on hold, but I can almost feel my characters getting anxious. They know as well as I do I’ll have loads of writing time come July. Let’s just hope they’ll continue to be patient just a little while longer.

The real news is out trip to the Outer Banks. Happy Mother’s Day to me! I have this habit of buying my own presents these days since no one else does. Not that my daughter wouldn’t happily buy me presents, but if you have to give her the money and then take her to the store, you might as well pick out what you want. J

So I picked the Outer Banks, recruited Hellion to tag along, packed up the trunk and hit the Bypass. Ninety minutes later we were cruising down the middle of the barrier reef islands with the Atlantic Ocean to our left and Roanoke Sound to our right.

A two bedroom cabin less than 30 yards from the ocean served as home base. Sand castles were built, sea shells collected, crab legs eaten, and historical sites thoroughly explored. From the spot where the English first set foot on American soil (that’s right, BEFORE Jamestown) to the spot where man first took flight, the Outer Banks has it all.

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Anyone else taken a little trip lately? Have you planned your summer vacation? Ever been to the Outer Banks? (Tune in next week for an exciting announcement about a new edition to the family.)

Moving Update – What I’m Learning

on September 17, 2008

I’m pretty sure I am now a professional packer. In less than a week, I’ve packed nearly everything I own. My living room is now a fall out shelter for empty book shelves and hundreds of boxes. And I’m pretty sure if the Guinness Book of World Records was looking for the house with the most dust, our house would win hands down. Can we say allergies?!

Since I like to think that every experience teaches us something, here’s a list of what packing in one week or less has taught me.

1. I have entirely too much stuff.
2. Stuff multiplies faster than bunnies.
3. Stuff that seemed important the last time I moved has lost all importance.
4. It’s not as hard to part with stuff as you’d think.
5. It’s fun to find old stuff you didn’t know you had.
6. It’s odd to find things you don’t know why you have.
7. Dust accumulates faster than stuff.
8. Purging is liberating.
9. Kids are NOT enthused packers.
And most importantly…
10. You can pack an entire apartment in less than a week!

Tune in next week when I whine about finding a home in the new place for all the stuff I decided to keep.

For the question of the day, we’re talking pictures. I’ve found pictures that date back more than 20 years in all this cleaning and packing. Memories I’d long forgotten. I now realize I need to organize all of these things into some kind of system. Do you have boxes or books filled with pictures? How do you organize them? And where do you keep them?