What Is Ms. Winfrey Trying To Tell Me?

on May 20, 2011

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Oprah Winfrey is ending her talk show after 25 years on the air. I have never been one of the die-hards who taped and watched every episode, but I have always respected Ms. Winfrey and caught the show whenever the chance came along. Which means, on the rare occasions I have stayed home sick from work.


You might have also heard that Ms. Winfrey has started her own network – appropriately called OWN. (Channel 161 on my Verizon Fios. I *might* be addicted, don’t judge.) So it’s safe to say, with the new network, the highly successful magazine, the various charity works, and her endless supply of capital for whatever endeavor she wants to try next, Oprah is not riding off into the sunset.


Instead, she’s showing up in my dreams.


At first, it wasn’t just Oprah. Celebrities of all kinds started popping up. I don’t remember all of them or the details of the dream, but it was like an Oscar red carpet for a while. Colin Firth, Billy Crystal (with whom I washed a car 0_o ), Adam Lavine, Wynonna, and even Maria Shriver. Obviously, some of these were because I’ve been seeing them on television a lot more lately.


But Oprah has now taken over as the main attraction. It’s like she’s trying to tell me something, I just can’t figure out what.


I’m never famous in the dreams. I am not a peer of these fabulous people. So I don’t think a desire to be famous is fueling these nightly cameos. Googling for some insight helped me realize that it’s not what these people are or what they have that I seek, but rather, a quality they possess.


I’ve determined that to be success. Success on a higher level. On a higher stage, so to speak. I believe this translates, for me, into being published. Now I have to figure out exact what publishing success means to me. Is it winning awards, hitting best seller lists? Maybe being multi-published and having a long, productive career?


Or is it finding a niche, gaining a small following, and bringing a smile to a few readers’ faces?


I don’t know the answer yet, but what is the answer for you? What do you consider “success” in your life? Have you achieved it? And if you have, was it what you expected? Oh, and by all means, you if you have some insight into these dreams, please share.