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NaNo Update – Week 2 (A Little Late)

on November 18, 2009

Who’d a thunk when I agreed to this endeavor that I’d be able to claim Mother Nature got in the way of my NaNo production? Well, it’s true. In case you haven’t heard, the great November Nor’easter tore up the central east coast last week. And I just happen to live right where it landed. Lots of rain, high winds, and extreme high tides wreaked havoc on the area. And knocked out the power in my house for about 18 hours.

Now, I wish I could say this is the sole reason for being about 15K words behind. But we both know I’d be lying. So, some self-doubt mixed with a television addiction, and plain old procrastination would be the real culprits. And a persistent cold. My head feels like it wants to roll off and out the door. And I’m considering letting it go.

There will be some traveling on the agenda for the next couple of weekends, but I’ll be home alone all next week, and that includes the holiday. That means writing my little heart out and though I’ve no delusions of hitting 50K before month end, I’d really like to at least double my current number to finish the month with a minimum of 30K.

If I pull out a miracle, closer to 40K would be a dream.

How is everyone else doing? Still liking the story? Ready to throw the comp out the window? Eaten your weight in chocolate? (Raised hand!) Vent or celebrate here and we’ll all support each other.