no more house hunting

Making the Tough Decisions

on March 31, 2008

So I’ve been talking about house hunting and the excitement and the stress of it. About 30 of my 36 years have been spent living in a rental situation. Even today my parents still do not own their own home. So for me, home ownership is huge. But stability is….uhm….huger. Yeah, I’m making it a word. Just go with it.

The bottom line reason for moving myself and my daughter halfway across the country in 2004 was to provide us with a better life. Financially, environmentally and educationally. (Did I just make up another one?) And though the first year and a half was pure Hell, I’ve done what I set out to do. I’m not buying yachts or anything, but ends are meeting with extra left over. Basically, I can breath and from time to time, splurge a bit. After a lifetime of hanging by a thread, it’s amazing to finally have my feet on the ground.

So, last week, when it came time to decide on an offer and run the numbers, the reality check was clear. I had to choose between owning my own home and being (very!) poor or staying where I am and being ok. I chose ok.

I did call my apartment manager and ask permission to paint some walls. She said no problem as long as we paint them back before we leave. They even supply the paint. So I still get to pick out colors, I’m going to change my furniture around to give it a *new* look, and though we still can’t get a dog or cat, we may add a hamster to the family instead.

The best things about all of this – the stress is gone, I don’t have to pack, and I have all this money in the savings account with which I can go SHOPPING! Whoohoo!! Have I mentioned I really love shopping? LOL!

Have you ever had to make a decision that could change your life completely? What did you chose? Do you regret it? What colors would you choose if you had a blank canvas in your living room? Anybody have a hamster?