night owl

Is that AM or PM?

on August 11, 2014

I’ve been pretty quiet over here lately, and I’d like to say I have a good excuse. Only I’m not sure I do. My lack of blogging is due to a combination of boring things that I could write about here, but I’d sound like I was whining and no one wants to read that.

But eight months into this full-time writing thing and I’ve found myself in an unexpected state. Though I should have seen it coming, I suppose. As a kid, I was always a night owl. Left to my own devices (meaning during the summers of my high school years) I would stay up all night, and then sleep all day.

Guess what I’m doing now? I don’t know how it happened, but I think it had something to do with not paying attention to the clock. Then I’d get on a roll with the words pouring onto the page and you can’t stop when that happens. The next thing I knew, I was doing the majority of my writing between 10pm and 4am, then sleeping as late as 2 in the afternoon.

I imagine this makes me sound like a total slacker, but I’m awake as long as I ever was, it’s just during different hours. I’m writing this blog between 12:30 and 12:45 in the morning. I was tired a little while ago, and considered going to bed. Then I got a second wind (happens a lot) and here I am, writing a blog.

At first, I scolded myself and was determined to fix this. To return to “normal” hours, but then I remembered one of the most important lessons I learned from Bull Durham. (One of the greatest movies ever.)

Respect the streak.

The fact is, I’m turning out words, and this book is coming to life. So, do I worry about what time I go to bed, or do I go with the flow and get this puppy done?

That’s right, I’m going with the flow.

So here’s my question for you. If you didn’t have a day job or anyone you had to report to, what kind of schedule would you keep? Are you a night owl or an early riser. And if you’re one of those perky up-at-the-crack-of-dawn-never-hit-a-snooze-button-in-your-life kind of people, don’t be offended when I throw virtual rotten tomatoes at you.