Music Monday With News

on December 2, 2013

I’ve done two major road trips in the last five days so as I type this Sunday night, I’m a little out of it. I also don’t want to get back in my car for weeks, but that cannot be avoided. Unfortunately.

And with the insanity of the last week, I also never got around to creating a newsletter, which should have gone out today. So let me see what would have been in the newsletter.

I hope everyone had a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving. Mine was low key, but as mentioned, filled with road trips. I hope you all got to stay in one place.

I recently announced that there will be a fourth book in the Anchor Island Series. The as yet untitled book will feature Sam Edwards, a character you’ll meet in book 3 HOME TO STAY. Sam is a successful hotelier on the island. After inheriting some hotels from his uncle, most thought he’d sell the properties, but he surprised everyone by moving to Anchor and rebuilding the main property. Now he’s ready to focus on the smaller hotel, and unknowingly hired a woman from his past to help in the endeavor.

Sam is the buttoned-up, mysterious type. Callie is going to help him undo some of those buttons. I hope you’ll enjoy reading their journey to that hard-fought happily ever after next fall.

As Sam and Callie’s story rounds out the series, that means a whole new series kicks off in 2015. We move from the Outer Banks to a small country town up the interstate from Nashville, TN. Ardent Springs is your standard small southern town, with lots of fun and interesting characters to explore. Lorelei and Spencer will get things kicked off in early 2015, and I’ll share more about their story later next year.

Oh, the cover for HOME TO STAY, book 3 in the Anchor series, should be ready to share soon. It’s so pretty, and fits the book beautifully. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for the big reveal soon.

The last element of the newsletter would be the monthly newsletter subscriber winner. Since I still plan to put out a newsletter in the next week or so, I think I’ll save that for later. But someone has won a signed copy of UP TO THE CHALLENGE along with a $50 Amazon gift card. Since it’s Christmas time, I figured this was a good time to up the prize a bit.

Now, as it is Music Monday, this  blog should include some tunes. I’m going with a song that inspired the final scene in UP TO THE CHALLENGE. If you’ve read the book, you should “see” some of that last scene in the story of this song.

I give you Trying Not To Love You by Nickelback. The title is pretty much what Sid and Lucas were doing through the whole book. I don’t think it’s any big spoiler to say they both failed miserably. 

Timing is Everything

on September 29, 2008

In recent years, things seem to happen for me at just the right times. Even the bad things. Back in August, I had a conversation with a friend where I said I felt I was ready for a change, only I had no idea what that change would be. Lo and behold, I come home the first week of September to find an eviction letter in my door. In truth, it was just a “scare tactic” used by my apartment complex office to get tenants to turn in their lease renewal paperwork. But the dang thing gave me a heart attack, much needed motivation, and the legal out I needed to pick up and move. So I did.

Move to timing number two. The morning after receiving the letter, before I knew it wasn’t for real, a co-worker suggested I try an apartment complex in which she’d lived several years ago. It’s in a beautiful old neighborhood in Virginia Beach with super schools. Bonus – it cut my commute to work by half. I called and they had an apartment available almost immediately. From what I understand, there is usually a waiting list for this place. I loved it, loved the area and signed the lease the following week.

Another thing that happened back in August, I met a guy. Things seemed good if confusing and uncertain at first. But that’s pretty typical. Turned out well since he and a few other people I recently met helped me move. Never could have done it without the manpower. So we got everything moved in and things looked good. Unfortunately, it came to an end today. And though I’m disappointed, I’ll survive. Mostly because I always do.

Back to the timing thing. I’ve been sitting at my desk feeling sorry for myself today. But then I heard the new Nickelback song. It’s called Gotta Be Somebody and here is just some of the lyrics…

Gotta Be Somebody – Nickelback

This time, I wonder what it feels like

To find the one in this life, the one we all dream of

But dreams just aren’t enough

So I’ll be waiting for the real thing, I’ll know it by the feeling

The moment when we’re meeting, will play out like a scene

Straight off the silver screen

So I’ll be holding my own breath, right up ’til the end

Until that moment when, I find the one that I’ll spend forever with

Cause nobody wants to be the last one there

Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares

Someone to love with my life in their hands

There’s gotta be somebody for me like that

Cause nobody wants to do it all on their own

And everyone wants to know they’re not alone

There’s somebody else that feels the same somewhere

There’s gotta be somebody for me out there

Talk about perfect timing. Put a kink in my “I’ll be alone forever!” pity party. LOL! I’m still going to be touch and go for a little while, but I have faith that everything happens for a reason. So I’ll keep my eyes open, work on that positive thinking (which has been HARD today), and wait for the next specially timed event.

Have you noticed things happening at just the right time in your life? Do you believe in fate or that some things are meant to be? Do you have a special song that reminds you things aren’t so bad? And if you hate Nickelback, don’t tell me cause I love them! LOL!