New life

Music Monday – Tis The Season

on December 16, 2013

Today is my first real day as a self-employed person. As I write this Sunday night, I’m not sure how it’s going to go, but I do know I’ve spent the weekend fending off a weird silent panic. I know I’ll be fine, but you’d think taking complete control of your time would feel liberating. Instead, it feels like a giant pressure squeezing my temples. 

But don’t worry about me. This is actually normal for my whackadoo brain. I’ll get a few days behind me, set some kind of schedule and create a routine. Then it’ll be all good. I’m just not the best at transitions.

But let’s be honest here, my new life is far from the big deal right now. We’re less than ten days from the big holiday and I want to know if you’re done shopping. I finished up Saturday night and spent the weekend wrapping, but still have much more to get wrapped. (I’m terrible at it so most everything goes in bags, which I have to tape shut or my cats attempt to get in them.)

Are you done? Just starting? Going big this year (I might have gone overboard) or keeping it simple? And as a gift from me, here’s a new favorite Christmas song for your enjoyment. A song from me (and Jason Lancaster) to you.