Free Time

on November 29, 2007

This is a topic I know little about. So I’m sure you’re asking, “Why the hell are you blogging about it then?” Great question but you can turn the attitude down just a notch. I’m blogging about it for two reasons: 1) I haven’t blogged about anything over here in waaaaaaaaaaaay too long and 2) I just found a little of it. Free time that is. I’ve been crazy at work not to mention at home what with school, traveling, the holidays and all that jazz. But just now, I finished a project at work, another is sort of in a holding pattern, the bosses are gone and I find my time is mine for just a few minutes.

Free time is a commodity to me. I scratch for it, rarely find it and can’t really afford to make it. And I find, believe it or not, free time is a de-motivator. If I find myself with a minute or two, I squander it. Then I feel guilty because I could have accomplished so much in that time. It leads me to think free time is really my enemy and not something I should yearn to have. It would slow me down; stop me in my tracks. Lead me to do things like blog about nothing when I should be working on something productive – like my Christmas wish list my mother keeps asking for. Now that’s an important something I ought to be doing.

Do you find lots of *free* time on your hands and if you do, what do you do with it? Are you like me and feel guilty about having it then feel more guilty about not getting anything done with it? Did that last sentence make any sense? Do us a favor and share a little free time with us. You’ll feel better about yourself and you can mark off “spread wisdom and insight” on your list of things to do.