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Moving On Up!

on September 9, 2008

So for some reason this weekend I decided I didn’t have enough going on in my life. In some moment of enlightenment (or possibly insanity), I decided to move. By the end of the month. Actually, I’m moving in two weeks. That’s right, on top of planning a company holiday party, an RWA chapter conference, finishing the current quarter of college courses, working full time and chasing around a 9 year old, I’m moving. Why, you ask? Because I can.

I’ve lived in my apartment for three years now. Every September I fill out the paperwork to renew my lease and stay put. Now, I like my apartment. It’s a little small but the kiddo and I don’t need much. It’s clean and comes with a dishwasher and central heat & air – the two things required for any abode of mine. But on the downside, it’s on the third floor, it’s twenty miles from work and even further from some of my friends. So when I found a letter stuck in my door last Thursday night that I had to be out by September 30th, I was totally shocked….at first.

But then I got mad. First of all, how do you give a 26 day 30-day notice? Then when I finally reached someone in the office after 10am the next day, it was explained that they just use these letters to terrify tenants into turning in their paperwork. Yes, terrify is the word she used. WTF?! Why can’t they just put a letter in the door that says we really need your paperwork in the next few days or we may have to terminate your lease? Wouldn’t that be a much better approach?

So, I decided to call their bluff. And from all the signs, I’d say it was meant to be. A co-worker suggested I check out a complex where she used to live that is in the best school district in Virginia Beach. The place usually has a waiting list but as of Friday they had one apartment available before the end of this month. I went to see it that afternoon and turned in all my deposits today. I get the keys on the 19th and I’ll move in on the 20th. That’s right, I’m moving in TWO FREAKING WEEKS!

This means manic packing. Right now I’m working on clearing out everything that either goes in the dumpster or to the charity store. I’m bringing boxes home from work tomorrow and I’ll start packing all the books and knick knacks (or what-nots depending on where you live). I’ll clear out my closet and the clothes in my drawers by the weekend and from there I’ll just have to pack the stuff in the kitchen.

But the best part about this is how excited my friends are that I’m moving closer to them. And how many of them keep telling me I’m not doing this alone. I guess I’m even more blessed than I knew.

How about you? Have you ever moved on a whim? Packed all your belongings in under 14 days? Ever have one of those friends that was always moving and always expected you to help? Anyone want to come to the beach in two weeks and help me move? LOL!