16 Things About Me

on December 19, 2008

I was tagged in more places than I can count to do this. So here goes. I won’t tag anyone else but anyone who wants to play along and add their own personal trivia is welcome to it.

1) My birthday is New Year’s Eve. Yes, there’s always a party. No, it’s never for me.
2) If I concentrate really hard I can remember standing in my crib. No matter how much I concentrate, I can’t remember last week.
3) I just bought a new car and the euphoria is still running high. I figure it’ll run out around the 12th of next month when the first payment is due.
4) Other than the Christmas cards sitting in a pile on my kitchen counter, you’d never know it’s Christmas by looking at my apartment. Not one decoration. Not one gift. *sigh*
5) I got my first car before I got my license. I wrecked said car less than two months after getting my license.
6) My first concert was Loverboy in the Pittsburgh Civic Arena when I was 11. My mother went and slept through the opening act.
7) I’m a certified chocoholic and trying very hard to talk myself out of grabbing a Nestle Crunch from the break room.
8) I still have my Culture Club, Corey Hart, Madonna, Rick Springfield, Lionel Ritchie, and Air Supply albums from the 80s. I have no idea why.
9) I get motion sickness very easily. I missed 20 minutes of the movie Twilight because the camera movements made me sick and I had to leave the theater. Same thing happened at the end of Twister years ago. I’m seeing a “Tw” pattern here.
10) I’ve been listening to nothing but Christmas music for three days in order to get into the spirit of things. I’m pretty sure there are only five Christmas Carols and every entertainer from Elvis to Britney Spears has cover versions of all of them.
11) I spent eight years of my life as a disc jockey on the radio. I worked in two different states for two different stations without changing musical genres or companies.
12) In 2006, I didn’t know what a blog was.
13) When I was 13 I fell in love with The Monkees when MTV ran a marathon of the old TV shows. I remember being totally amazed when my mom knew every word to the theme song. It was the first time I realized she had a life before I was born.
14) At my 13th birthday party, I fell and broke my arm putting up decorations before the guests arrived. I refused to go to the hospital until the party was over. Which worked out since I had my first slow dance that night with a boy I’d had a major crush on for more than a year. A pity dance is still a dance.
15) I moved to Nashville alone when I was 22 without having a place to live when I got there. Arrived on a Thursday, got an apartment on Friday, moved in on Saturday, and started work at Opryland USA on Monday. It was the first day of Fanfare and I walked right past Brooks & Dunn in the Opryland Hotel.
16) In 1994 I worked at the Opryland Hotel. In 2010 I will stay as a guest at the hotel for the first time ever while attending RWA Nationals. Oh yeah, I’m there!

Man, that was hard. And not very exciting now that I read back through. Oh well, I did it. Now lets here what you’ve got.