Maya Rodale

Time to Share the Love

on October 20, 2008

I was just thinking I should probably update this blog, but as life has settled into a quiet if not slow routine, I was at a loss for a topic. But then I stumbled over to the RomanceNovel.TV site and found this new program created by authors Maya Rodale and Ann Bleakley. It’s called Share the Love and it’s a wonderful opportunity for those of us with too many books to give them to a good cause.

Maya and Ann are willing to take those books off your hands and donate them to readers who cannot afford to buy them on their own. Romances are filled with stories of women overcoming adversity, finding love, finding themselves and finding the power within. But perhaps most of all, they are filled with hope and that is something women in difficult or transitional periods of life need the most.

I wish I’d known about this program a month ago when I gave all those books to the library, but I’m sure I have more I can purge off my shelves and send their way. Check out the site by clicking the logo above. There’s even a link for submitting your own or a local organization to receive donations.

This program is further proof of the generosity found in abundance in the Romance writing community. If you know of any other similar organizations where books can be donated, feel free to promote them in the comments. At the rate that most of us buy these books, it’s always helpful to have someplace to send them when we’re finished.