looking ahead

What a year…

on December 28, 2007

This year has been incredible and I have many people to thank for that. Bare with me while I give credit where credit is due.

To all the Bon Bons – thank you for your love, support, joy, humor, insight and constant hugs.

To Eloisa – thanks for planting the seed that sprouted this lovely group and giving us all a safe place to fall.

To the Vagabonds/Vanettes – you are the best foundation an aspiring and often struggling writer could find. Thank you for sharing, caring, aiding and abetting. *g*

To my fellow Pirates – though we’ve only been together a short time, I feel as if I’ve found yet another family to push me on and hold me up. May the waters be calm and the contracts be plenty. And here’s to throwing the rockingest party on this ship when we’ve all got books on the shelves!

To all my other wonderful virtual world friends and even those few I’ve managed to meet in the real world, thank you for your patience and letting me be even a small part of your lives. I know my life is better for knowing you.

I start 2008 with a salute to you all, a new look and stronger convictions. If the new year is even half as good as the last one, it’s going to be an exciting ride. I can’t think of better people to share it with.

What was the best part of 2007 for you? Did you achieve a dream or take steps to get closer to one? Or are you just happy to have survived another 365 days?