I’m a moron

Introducing Grace

on May 27, 2008

This weekend I officially proved that I am a complete nitwit. And gullible as Hell. So kiddo and I head to the mall after spending a couple of hours at the zoo. Yes, those are snapshots I took at the zoo. On my phone no less. I know I’m impressed and you should be too.

Anyway, so we head to the mall so I can pick up some of this green supplement stuff at GNC. And I have been taking it for several days now. Again, we should all be impressed. But again I digress. While at the mall, we visited the pet store to see the puppies. Now I know what you’re thinking, Terri bought a puppy. Oh, my simple friends. That would never happen. First I’m not permitted dogs in my apartment (and prefer not to be evicted) and second I would never pay that much for a dog. I finance cars, not canines. But I did buy something.

Meet Grace the Hamster. This is the major (and unplanned) purchase I made on Saturday. Which means I have bought my child a hamster three weeks before she leaves for the summer. What the heck was I thinking? Something else I have to take care of! At least she’s cute. And soft. And quite entertaining if you can believe it. When I put my hand in the cage to pick her up, she flops over and does this weird impersonation of a dead hamster. Paws up and unmoving, it’s very funny.

And we bought her one of those balls so she can float around the house. That makes for loads of fun. She gets that thing moving at a serious clip when she gets open floor. The jolting stops when she runs into things must hurt though. But she shakes it off and just changes direction. The roll her body takes up the side of the ball doesn’t seem to phase her.

She is proving to be quite determined to get out of the cage though. She climbs the sides and tries gnawing on the thin little bars of her hamster prison. I noticed yesterday she managed to get a couple of the wires separated pretty far. We’ll have to watch that.

So I now have a skittish parakeet that wouldn’t come out of her cage if her life depended on it and a hamster determined to escape at all costs. Should make for an entertaining summer.

Anybody else make any crazy purchases lately? Any rodents on your horizon? Anyone willing to pet sit while I’m at Nationals?