Faith Renewed

on April 13, 2009

I don’t always have a positive outlook on people in general. Let’s face it, this world can be a pretty messed up place. But thankfully, things happen often enough to renew my faith in human-kind. One of those things happened this weekend.

I live in a large military area and while living here, you get used to seeing soldiers everywhere. Men and women in uniform blanket this area, so to say patriotism is an everyday thing is an understatement.

This weekend I flew my daughter half way across the country, then turned around and flew home a little over 12 hours later. By the time I got on my last flight back to Norfolk, I had been traveling for about 28 hours and just wanted to get home. I flew Southwest and if you haven’t taken that airline lately, there are no assigned seats. You get a letter and number and that combination tells when you can get on the plane. Once on, you sit wherever you can find a seat. The early boarding combinations are highly desired if you don’t want to be in the last row…in a middle seat.

Saturday afternoon, in the Baltimore airport, before anyone else boarded, the Southwest rep came on the intercom and asked if there were any military personnel in uniform on this flight. He offered that they pre-board first. One soldier walked to the door, and the rest of us applauded. My faith was once again renewed. Maybe we human beings aren’t so messed up after all.

Here’s a video of a performance from the Academy of Country Music awards held recently in Las Vegas. It’s Trace Adkins performing with the West Point Glee Club on a song called ‘Til the Last Shot’s Fired. The video and song are available at or iTunes and the proceeds benefit the Wounded Warriors organization. It’s less than $3 and it’ll make you feel better about human-kind.