Deck The Ears with Pretty Baubles

on December 8, 2014

Fa la la la la… la la la la

It’s time for the first December giveaway. (In case you missed it, I’ll be giving away a fabulous prize each week during the month to celebrate the holidays and my birthday.) Today, I’m offering up the perfect way to make your earlobes sparkle this holiday season.

Check out these beautiful Stella & Ruby Crystal Statement earrings. Aren’t they gorgeous? And they would look even more gorgeous dangling from your dainty little ear lobes.

Statement Earrings

All you have to do is leave a comment on the blog sharing a tidbit about your favorite piece of jewelry. It can be an heirloom, something you bought for yourself, your wedding ring, or the necklace you had as a young girl (or boy!) that you wish you still had.

This contest is open until 12am on 12/15 (which is essentially midnight Saturday night) and open to US residents only. (I’ll run smaller international contests during the month.) Once you leave a comment, you have to click on the Rafflecopter graphic to say you’ve fulfilled the requirements, and you’re in. If you don’t complete the Rafflecopter information, you won’t be entered in the contest.

And as a special bonus, I’m sharing a snippet from my contribution to the COWBOYS FOR CHRISTMAS anthology, Love Me, Cowboy. This is in the first scene when Claire finds herself covered in tart filling and late for work. There’s no time to drive home and change, so Tyler offers her a clean flannel. Here we go…

Tyler hopped off the tailgate, landing close enough for Claire to feel the heat coming off his body. Tilting her head back to see his face, a memory flashed of the long-ago night they’d spent making love in Tyler’s bed. A night neither had spoken of since.

Claire nearly swayed toward him, but common sense, or maybe some kind of survival instinct, kicked in and she stepped back.

Tyler cleared his throat and proceeded to his driver’s side door.

Claire kept her eyes on the burnt orange streaks spreading across the eastern sky. The sun was high enough now to see the mess surrounding her. And covering her. Making sure the brown tank top remained low over her waist, Claire pulled her arms out of the sleeves and lifted the heavy wool sweater over her head.

When the material cleared her face, she looked up to find Tyler staring at her, flannel in hand, mouth open, eyes dark as emeralds. The last time he’d seen her, Claire had been forty pounds heavier. She’d yet to adjust to the new body and the attention it garnered. Though none of the looks she’d gotten so far had sent her libido into overdrive the way Tyler’s did in that moment.

She hugged the sweater to her chest. “This is going to sound weird, but could you turn around?”

He didn’t respond for several seconds, then seemed to snap back to reality. “Yeah. Sure. Sorry.”

Tyler dropped his eyes to the ground, handed Claire the flannel, then turned as she’d asked. She knew the request was ridiculous, as Tyler had seen her naked before. Something Claire would gladly forget if only her brain would let her.

But that had been nothing but drunken pity sex, or so she reminded herself. Some called alcohol liquid courage, but Claire had since considered it humiliation hooch.

Squeezing the sweater between her knees, Claire pulled on the flannel, which hung well past her waist. Modest by nature, even she knew wearing the shirt loose was too dowdy. She compromised, buttoning the first four buttons, then tying the bottom half into a knot.

“Okay,” she said, after making sure everything was covered. “You can turn around now.”

Tyler turned his head first, then the rest of him, smiling all the way. “Looks good.” For a moment his cheeks looked pinker than usual. Claire chalked it up to the colorful sunrise.

Now that we’re all warmed up, let’s talk about jewelry.


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Holiday Conundrum

on November 21, 2013

I am not a decorate early kind of person. In fact, I’m not much of a holiday decorator at all. My sister got that gene. She decorates for every holiday throughout the year, and does the most at Christmas time. In fact, if you’re in her house while she’s decorating and sit still too long, she will wrap you in garland.

Xmas TreeBut this is not my thing. I put up a tree and some stockings and that’s it. Maybe a wreath on the door. But this year seems to be different. The spirit is hitting me early and hard. First, my sister (yes, that enabler mentioned above) sent me a pic of solar powered lights for my new fence. So, of course, I had to go looking for them. They are now draped along the sides of the fence and working beautifully. I think I was the first person in the entire neighborhood to put up any kind of Christmas lights.

Me! It’s so weird.

And then I found a lovely new tree. It’s the perfect height, pre-lit, and really soft. Even better? I got it for ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS OFF. What a bargain?! Since I ordered it online, I thought it would take a while to arrive. Um… no. It’s here. And now I want to put it up. But not before Thanksgiving, right? I mean, I couldn’t do that. I’ve never done that. It’s just not right.

But with the changes in the house, this is the first year I can put the tree in front of the window. And it would look so pretty!

No. I must resist. What do you think? Do you go all out? Do you hate that Christmas infringes on Thanksgiving more and more every year? (For the record, I’m totally against stores being open on T’giving Day!)

Making A List….

on December 3, 2008

It’s that time of year again, the time when I face that dreaded question – “What do you want for Christmas?” I never have an answer for this question. I mean, what I’d really like is a new car. But you can’t ask for that. Well, maybe if I had a husband, but I don’t have one of those so that’s out. Other than that, I got nothing.

Last year my mother and sister asked for a list. Geez, if I can’t come up with one thing, how the heck do I come up with an entire list? Somehow I did it and the list was basically all gift cards. That’s really what I want, gift cards. Feeling proud of myself for having a complete list, I sent it through. And then my sister informed me she didn’t want to get me gift cards. Huh? But that’s what I want, I said. Nope, she said gift cards are impersonal and I had to come up with something else. The woman is a total pain in my ass year round but she tops herself at Christmas.

I want to state right now that gift cards are NOT impersonal. I love going shopping. I love getting new clothes for work, picking up a new CD, or buying something nice for the house. And what would make that shopping even better would be to get to shop without spending any money. That’s a dream day!

Since I can’t remember getting a single thing I wanted last year (and some I definitely didn’t want!), I’m sticking to my guns and pushing for my gift cards. So far on the list are cards from iTunes, JC Penney’s, Cato’s, and Target might be fun.

What do you have on your Christmas list and if you made a list of stores where you’d love to spend a day shopping, what would it include? Do you usually get what you want? Anyone want to buy me a car? (It was worth a shot…*sigh*)

Take a Load Off…

on December 19, 2007

So I’m stressed. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. At this moment I have a tree standing in my living room that is totally bare. Christmas *stuff* spread out on the floor, presents thrown in a corner, and dishes in my sink. I NEVER leave dishes in my sink. That one hurts.

I’ve yet to get my cards out. They have been signed and the return addresses are done, now I just need to stick on the labels. And yes, I’m using labels. My sister threw a fit and said it’s not personal that way but damn it, I signed the inside!

When I left the house this morning I was a wreck. Still suffering the remnants of a stomach bug and fighting off anxiety attacks. But somehow the day has gotten better. I’m starting to feel a little bit better. I have three evenings in which to get things done before heading out of town and I think I might actually pull this off.

How about you? Are you having panic attacks right along with me or are you sailing through calm as can be? And if you’re one of those people who has been ready for Christmas since August – just pass this one on by. I can’t chance being sucked back into the fog.

Here’s your chance to vent. Get it all out right here and leave it behind. If you’re like me you still have laundry, packing, shopping, wrapping, planning, driving, cooking, decorating, and coloring your hair to do. Well, you might not have to color your hair but I bet there’s the other stuff. Bitch, moan, cry, wail and curse. We’ll all feel better for having gotten it out.