having fun

A New Outlook

on August 17, 2009

Today I ventured out to see the movie Julie & Julia. I’m sure it will be no surprise to hear that I loved it. The best I’ve seen Meryl Streep in years and Stanley Tucci really does steal your heart every moment he’s on screen. Anyone who has ever been a cog in the wheel of cubicle land can relate to Julie Powell. Add in her feelings of failure for not becoming the writer everyone, including she, expected, and I can more than relate. I’m so used to seeing Amy Adams in period pieces or breaking into song, it was nice to see her looking just like the rest of us. Well, she could never really look like the rest of us, but you know what I mean.

There was something Julie kept saying in the film that I’ve seen discussed on more than one writing blog. The idea that you’re not a writer unless someone publishes you. Her husband kept correcting her that she was a writer whether she was ever published or not, and I’d like to think she would have come around to agreeing with him even if she hadn’t won the book deal from the blog.

So I guess you can tell, since I haven’t updated here in way too long, that I left the theater inspired to blog again. One of the reasons I haven’t been updating is because I didn’t think I had anything interesting enough to talk about. But today it hit me, I’m attempting to write a full length novel. On top of that, I’m attempting to get that novel published and then write another one. Get that one published and write another one. I think you see where this is going.

This week I’ll post a “Where we stand right now” blog to bring everyone up to date with the story so far, then I’ll update as the story progresses. I’ve been writing steadily now for six weeks and am having more fun than I expected. Why not share that fun with everyone else?

Tune in later this week to get up to date on the current work in progress, LETTING GO, and come back often to follow the adventures of Celi and Bryan.