finished MS


on March 23, 2012

It feels SO GOOD to write that word. Wrapped up revisions last night and now the MS is in the hands of beta readers, who will help me make it even better. Last night was a sweep of euphoria. Today is a smack of reality.
I’ve heard this from others so I’m guessing it’s a writer’s brain (or artist’s brain) thing. I’m very proud of this story and have confidence this one could take me places. But that’s not stopping the voices in my head that are less than positive.
You know the ones.
“This thing is rough at best. I don’t know what you’re so excited about.”
“Readers aren’t going to like these characters at all.”
“You call this sexual tension??”
The litany goes on, but it will not win today. I’m feeling good and looking forward to starting the next story. As well as getting this MS out the door to Dream Agent, who has waited long enough!