feel like an idiot

Martha I Ain’t

on March 5, 2008

My kitchen is cursed. I’m convinced. I have never been a good cook. But in this particular kitchen, a galley style with very little room or countertop space, I’m the worst I’ve ever been. It is routine for food to either end up down the garbage disposal or thrown into the trash. I’m not proud of this but I often render perfectly good food inedible.

I grew up living with my grandmother, who was a fabulous cook, but she was English which means the spice rack was never in danger of needing refilled. In fact, I’m pretty sure those spices were decades old and would have crumbled if touched. The result of this is that I have the most bland taste buds in the world. As I’ve gotten older I’ve ventured into trying more flavorful foods but only in restaurants. And only on a very mild scale. The fact I sprinkle on chicken seasoning and Worcestershire sauce when I pan cook chicken breast is incredible progress.

I want to eat more foods. I want to eat like a grown up. Heck, I’d settle for eating like a teenager at this point. But I find no inspiration in this kitchen. This is why the kitchen is going to play such an important role in what house I decide to purchase. The kitchen is the clincher. So are the schools, the neighborhood and the size of the bathrooms but lets stick with the kitchen for now.

I need a kitchen that will return my mojo. Or help me find my lost mojo. Oh Hell, I need the mojo I’ve never had. I’m tired of feeling like a pre-schooler when it comes to food and I’m very tired of feeling like a failure when I destroy Ramon noodles. That’s right, I destroy Ramon noodles. I have a timer on my stove for this reason and I still can’t get it right.

I’m trying to find a way to diet and my friend, who is ever patient and kind, sends me menu suggestions from an online diet site (the site that shall not be named for obvious reasons). I didn’t get past the first item before I started getting hives. Wheat pasta and ground turkey and egg substitute and 1% milk. Uhm…..no thanks.

I’ve decided I’ll keep my 40lbs, exercise until I can’t take anymore, and find a kitchen that inspires me to not only cook better foods but cook well. If I could find a cook to actually go with the kitchen, that would be even better.

Do you like your kitchen. Does it inspire you? Did you grow up eating gourmet food that had never seen the inside of a freezer or are you like me and make everything out of a box?

Oh, and this picture is from a townhouse I’m about to go check out. I love this kitchen. Let’s hope the place is as nice as this makes it seem.