Would The Real Terrio Please Stand Up

on February 4, 2009

It’s a truth that I don’t like what I look like. Now, before y’all start barking at me, what I mean is that I don’t think my outside looks like my inside. Gee, that doesn’t sound right either. I guess I mean what I look like doesn’t match who I am.

I might be having an identity crisis.

Let me give a “for instance”. I went to a Nickelback concert a couple years ago with a group of people. Ages ranged from near forty to six years old. I stood next to a 15 year old kid. For some reason, I kept getting twinges that I shouldn’t be screaming my fool head off, singing along with every word, and dancing like I forgot my pole in the parking lot. What can I say? I’m a headbanger from way back and I LOVE Nickelback. Have you heard that growl Chad Kroeger does? ‘Nuff said.

On the other hand, I can do a pretty good two step and feel as at home at a George Strait concert as I do at a Nickelback show. Then there’s the me who is taking my daughter to the Opera next month. Oh, and the me who has spent this week listening to the latest Ne-Yo CD on loop on my iPod. The Year of the Gentleman. Awesome. Highly recommend it.

Not that I think judging a book by its cover is always a good idea, but for most people you can get a sense of who they are upon first meeting them. All based on their outward appearance. Their style of dress, their hair color or cut. There’s something special about most everyone that sets them apart.

I don’t think I stand apart. I’m….dare I say it….ordinary. Vanilla. Gah! I hate that word. LOL! Maybe it’s that I’m too eclectic to look like any one thing. Yeah, that sounds better. I’m not ordinary, I’m deceptively eclectic.

Do you think who you appear to be on the outside is who you are on the inside? Is there something *special* about you that people notice right off? (A good kind of special here.) Could it be I’m just trying to cling to my youth as I creep ever closer to forty? While I’m asking silly question, anyone willing to nominate me for one of those make over shows so I can change up the look?