crazy summer

Big Developments!

on July 1, 2010

I have been seriously remiss with this blog, but I have a good excuse. Things have been crazy busy.

In addition to kiddo finishing up fifth grade (I have a middle-schooler! When did that happen??), and getting her ready to head off for the summer, I have been neck deep in revisions and a revision class. The good news is, I’m still in love with my book and the even better news is, I love it more each day. Whew!

But, as if all this wasn’t enough, I decided to buy my own place.

*She says, nonchalantly.*

I know what you’re thinking. “This woman is crazy!” And you just might be right.

I’ve spent the last three weeks looking at every available townhouse in my price range (townhouses are the ONLY things in my price range) and they are not encouraging. In this town, we have this annoying thing called the ocean. Apparently, that location location location thing means the ocean close by makes everything more expensive.

Damn it.

Anyhoo, these places were mostly unlivable and anything remotely good is in an area of town in which I’d never live, or near a school I refuse to send kiddo. Needless to say, we were striking out all over. But then I decided to compromise, change some of my preferences and we had better luck. I didn’t want a condo that felt like an apartment and definitely didn’t want a place smaller than the one I have now.

Well, we don’t always get what we want. Checking out all these other places showed me I was never going to get into a half decent neighborhood unless I lowered my standards. So I found a smaller condo, in an apartment like complex, that was both well below my budget AND almost walking distance to kiddo’s preferred middle school. (Aren’t the pics cute? Picture it with color and furniture.)

I am happy to report that this baby is now mine. Or will be in six weeks or so, pending the appraisal and inspection and heaven only knows what other formalities. But for now, I’m celebrating being a homeowner AND trying not to throw up. In case you’re wondering, I will still be in Orlando for RWA Nationals and am still hoping to have my book revised by the end of summer. Don’t ask me how I plan to accomplish all this, that is still in the plotting stages.

Now, whose ready to help pack?