on September 18, 2012

I have been moving every two to three years since I was 18. Several of those moves across state lines. I’m odd in that I’m a creature of habit who loves change. The bigger the better. However, when I bought a house two years ago, I knew my frequent moves were over for a while. I’d have to find another way to get my change fix. That’s probably want has brought on this new intense desire to PAINT ALL THE THINGS.
Before moving in, I painted the bedrooms upstairs and paid someone else to (poorly) paint the downstairs. Kiddo’s room is still fine, mine isn’t what I wanted but I can live with it a while longer. However, I really don’t like the colors downstairs. Don’t get me wrong. I picked them and liked them well enough at the time. But now they’re just dull.
Ugly concrete floor
Thanks to a water heater incident in January, I have concrete floors in my living room. Thanks to an air exchanger issue a couple weeks ago, I have concrete floors in my kitchen, front hall, and downstairs bath. Basically, that’s my entire bottom floor. Concrete.
This is bad in that it’s, well, ugly. Mostly. I guess some ugly ass bright orange carpet would be worse. But it’s hard and cold and…concrete. There is a pro to this though. No drop cloths required. I can tape off the trim and start rolling. Eventually.
Painting requires money. Not a lot, but more than I can spare in the budget right now. So I must wait. Also on the “to be painted” list is the kitchen cabinets (they’re going white), my dresser (it’s going silver/pewter), and maybe the kitchen table. Haven’t decided there.
New colors on old blah color
The new paint in the living room (sandy walls with a dark red accent wall) will require new curtains, though the throw cushions will still work. Will need a slip cover for the couch. Desperately want to install screen/storm doors. (Again, money.) Oh, and the ultimate project, knocking out the top half of a wall. Clearly, that will be for the professionals. Might leave the tile backsplash up to them as well. We’ll see, I could probably handle that one.
Basically, I’m nesting. Or wish I could be nesting. I had to settle for moving my bed around. That was free!
Do you like change or do you prefer to stay put? Do you enjoy decorating up your place or could you care less what’s around you? (I can’t stop looking at the Home Décor stuff on Pinterest. I think I’m an interior designer trapped in an artless body.) What’s the favorite room in your house and why?