black moment

Random Monday Survey (aka I’m Freaking Out and Need Your Support)

on September 19, 2011

I’m a plotter, for the most part, and have passed the half-way point in my WIP. I previously had one version of my black moment planned, then realized it needed upgraded as it was more a milky shade of gray. I want BLACK.


So I came up with a new plan. And it’s black. Like buried in the coal mine, lanterns are gone, canary is dead black. But now I’m wondering if it’s too black. Because I plot to my target destination, I need to lock this in now or the revision stage on this MS is going to be scary tough.


So here’s a hypothetical question.


If the heroine is engaged to the hero’s brother, but the hero and heroine end up in bed together, would you throw the book against the wall?


For obvious reason, I can’t give much in the way of details. My first reaction to this, having real life experience with infidelity, is to scream OH HELL YES! Not good considering I’m the person who came up with the idea and has to execute it.


I’m a firm believer in the idea anything can be done in a story, provided the writer does it well enough. Great philosophy when applied to others. Harder to stand behind knowing I’m the writer in question.


So I’m asking this of your reader mind, and not your writer mind. What would the circumstances have to be for you to go along with this in a book? Said encounter would not happen until nearly the end. No sex up to that point. Not a flippant affair or ongoing “I wish I could quit you” kind of thing.


If I’m writing a wall-banger, I’d like to know now so I can attempt to re-route this trip.