Funny or No?

on June 28, 2007

We’ve all heard it. All the surveys say it’s true. But is it really? Is a sense of humor on a man really all that sexy? I say, YES! A man has to be able to make me laugh. It’s imperative. And he has to be able to turn any joke (or innocent statement) into a sexual innuendo. But that might be just me.

Anyway, what about humor in romances? I read all the time how every girl wants that Alpha male to take charge and carry her up the winding staircase (Rhett anyone?) but would that really be all that sexy if he couldn’t make some hot little joke to make you laugh along the way? Do you really want him to have that serious (bordering on angry) look on his face all the time? I would hate that. I want his face to light up and I want to be able to laugh together until our sides hurt.

I’m struggling with this balancing act in my WIP. If someone asked me to describe my part in a social gathering my first response would be comic relief. I’m that person who will make a joke when it gets too quiet or someone says something awkward. Or I can turn any innocent statement into a sexual innuendo. I’m starting to see a pattern here. But I’m also angsty and I like angst in my romance. I want tears and tugging on my heart strings and I want to feel like these two have struggled enough they deserve to be together and happy already. But where is the line between the two.

I would not say my current WIP is a romantic comedy but there are plenty of laughs. Some elicit a chuckle and some might even make you LOL. But there are also moments you want to hug one of the characters or slide down the wall, curl up in a ball and cry with the other.

Is it possible for these elements to work together? How important is humor in your romance? How about angst? And Maggie (Maggie Robinson means Romance on right column) was sweet enough to do the scientific research to determine Tall, Dark and Handsome is still at the top of the heap. Does your TD&H have to be able to make you laugh? Or is the fact he can lift our fat asses up the stairs enough?