Really Quick Update

on May 27, 2010

First off, I’ve prettied up the place! What do y’all think? I found these backgrounds through another person’s blog and loved them. Took trying out about four of them before I settled on this one. If you click the little button at the top left, you can check out all the other cool options.

Second off, I’VE PASSED THE 70K MARK!!! Look!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>

I am so excited. Even got a few hundred past it before I noticed. I’ve never written this much and I know I’m going to be overwhelmed when it comes time to make this thing presentable, but I’m riding the high right now. If I didn’t believe in momentum before, I sure as hell do now. LOL!

So, that’s it. I could tell you about kiddo’s volleyball season or all the extra duties I’m about to inherit at work, but I’ll save that for another time. Both involve anywhere from a modicum of bitching to a lot, and I want to keep this one positive.

How is everyone else doing? We still have a couple weeks of school but I know tons of kidlets are already out across the country. Anyone wanting to send them back already? Got some really cool summer camps planned? Broken out the old bathing suit yet? (So not looking forward to this.)