Still recovering…

The vacation so hyped in the media – ok, so hyped here but that counts somehow – is over. The week was incredible. We didn’t get to everything on the itinerary but let’s face it, there are only so many hours in the day and when Tiff needs at least three of those hours to doll up, adjustments have to be made. We did get to Colonial Williamsburg and that was awesome. Especially the Raleigh Tavern tour. But somehow I did not end up with a picture of our Will Turner/Jack Sparrow love child on my camera and since Fran and Tiff have more than pontificated on his charms, I’m going to simply say I recommend you go see for yourself. *g*

All flights were on time and luggage arrived with passengers. I was astounded when Tiff unpacked her suitcase. Almost every single piece of clothing was black. Every. Single. Piece. It was well over 100 degrees while she was here. Apparently she did not get my message about the heat wave.

Fran’s suitcase could have carried a small circus group of acrobats. I never even attempted to lift it but then I have this bad back and I’m old and well…you get the picture. We started the week with a bang. Or should I say booze. Nothing like shopping, a good fish and chips hunt and alcohol to get the party started. Fran found her own teddy bear/masseuse and Tiff just enjoyed toying with this friend of mine. He fancies himself a lady’s man but Tiff had him feeling more like a frustrated toad. I would say “the poor guy” but he really did bring it on himself.

The Historical Sightseeing – We managed to take in the Battlefield at Yorktown the first day. It was just the open battlefield but it comes to mean a great deal more when you really think about what took place there. It was a major turning point in the war for our independence and the idea that those hills and fields are filled with the blood of young men who gave their lives for a country that didn’t even really exist yet makes it incredibly profound.

Then we did two days of Colonial Williamsburg. This was so much fun. I loved the military revue the first day (though that cannon fire made me deaf for a while) but then the second day we got to even more shops and tours and it was great. I actually bought a year pass since it was the same price for me as a two day one and I fully intend to take advantage of it.

Night Life – I did not have as much luck finding places for us to go in the evenings. The problem is that in real life I’m just an old single mom who almost never goes out and when I do it’s usually to someplace understated. I don’t ever go out looking for the crazy, single scene anymore and my lack of knowledge showed. But I got lucky Saturday night. We finally found our way to a place called Bar Norfolk and it was exactly what we were looking for. The cuties were everywhere, the music was incredibly loud (What’d you say?) and the drinks were flowing. Tiff and Fran had a great time and I had a great time watching them. And the other stuff going on around me. Though I could have done without seeing the guy throw up in the garbage can I guess the girl on girl action on the mechanical bull was sort of entertaining. For someone. And I would be remiss not to post the pic of the girls dancing on the bar. Aren’t they entertaining?! LOL!

The Reprieve – Saturday night turned into Sunday morning so I was very glad when Fran announced we did not have to get to Jamestown that day. I know I never would have made it. We had spent three days walking in the heat and had not gone to bed before 3 or 4 am since they arrived. I was spent to say the least. So Sunday and Monday were very low key with me working Monday morning while they slept in.

The Pirate Ship – Tuesday was back into the heat. For Fran and I anyway. Tiff left Tuesday morning since she wasn’t feeling good but Fran was not about to miss her pirate cruise. The ship is called Pieces of Eight and it’s a tourist attraction in Virginia Beach. It was great. The crew stayed in character the whole way, the skits and bits were entertaining and we even got to see dolphins playing around the ship. Doesn’t Fran look like a natural steering the ship? They don’t call her Hellion for nothing. LOL!

Fran and I then did some frolicking in the surf until dark when we just sat on the beach. Then we found this great restaurant on the main strip where we had the best fish and chips. And the waitress was great too. Of course we told her all about the Will/Jack love child and she was excited since she says she doesn’t meet many tourists from Missouri. Fran entertained her with all kinds of stories. It was the perfect ending to what was an incredible week.

Wednesday was a bit subdued since we both knew our time was over. Heck, we’d already lost one Bon Bon the day before but this meant we too had to go back to real life and that was more than we wanted to think about. Fran got to witness a major example of my CRS. We went to the library to print her itinerary and I could not find my library card in my purse. After a wait at the counter to get my info so as to get online, we had everything we needed. Then, on the way to the airport, Fran realized that right there, hanging on my keychain, was my library card. She was nice enough not to laugh too loudly. Or mock me too much. *g*

So there you have it, the first (hopefully annual) Bon Bon Virginia Beach vacation. I had the best time, got to know two incredible women even better and lost oodles of sleep. I’d say it was THE BEST VACATION EVER!!!!

3 thoughts on “Still recovering…”

  1. MsHellion says:

    It was the BEST VACATION EVER!

    I need my own ship, so I can sail the 7 seas and frolic on beaches and drink rum as much as I want. I would have a grand time. 🙂

    If I couldn’t get The Black Pearl, I’d want a sloop something similar. I’ll have to think about what I’d want it to be named. Most ships are named for women (which is strangely ironic since women are considered unlucky onboard a ship)–but I wouldn’t want a ship named after a girl. *LOL*

    I’ll think of something.

  2. terrio says:

    I would think the name would be obvious. THE JACK.

    Everytime you leave port you could yell, “JACK OFF!!!”

  3. MsHellion says:

    *laughs* You’re so your father’s daughter.

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